Kent Staff & Players Blast “Shameful” ECB Decision

Kent players and coaching staff have taken to Twitter to express their anger at the ECB’s decision not to overturn the result of their disputed tie with Sussex.

A tweet from the Kent coach brands the ECB’s judgement “shameful”; saying that the spirit of cricket has taken a “U-Turn”; and also appears to question the honesty and integrity of the Sussex players and officials who responded to the ECB inquiry.


The tweet was then Favorited by two leading Kent players. (A “Favorite“, like a Facebook “Like“, allows a Twitter user to express agreement or sympathy with the opinion expressed in the original post.)


Although the accounts involved are not official “Kent CCC” accounts, they are not private either; and one is a publicly verified “Blue Tick” account, due to the the individual’s status as a contracted England player.

NOTE – The screenshots above were taken at 06:00 on May 8th 2015.

UPDATE – The two players who Favorited  the tweet have since Un-Favorited it.

3 thoughts on “Kent Staff & Players Blast “Shameful” ECB Decision

  1. OK so yet again what sort of game do we want at women’s county level? The players and coaching staff are a mix of contracted professionals, semi-professional and amateurs, the umpires fall into the latter category. Are we surprised that this has become a debacle? It’s been bad enough in Men’s PL cricket for years, officiating is a big issue but also is the pressure they’re put under.

    The events of the winter brought the ‘Spirit of cricket’ to the fore. May I suggest that in the heat of the moment all parties have forgotten this. I was not there but according to sources who were and social media indications are that the behaviour on both sides was not conducive to the image of women’s cricket. I hope some players are reported by the officials, but I doubt it.


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