STATS: WBBL Hitters & Runners

One of the nice things about an extended tournament like WBBL is that you can really start to see some patterns emerge. We look here at hitters – those who get most of their runs from boundaries; and runners – those who let their legs do the talking; and whilst you might think you know who they’ll be, there are a couple of surprises too!


  1. Naomi Stalenburg (Sydney Thunder) – 71%
  2. Grace Harris (Brisbane Heat) – 71%
  3. Rachel Priest (Melbourne Renegades) – 66%
  4. Stafanie Taylor (Sydney Thunder) – 60%
  5. Elyse Villani (Perth Scorchers) – 60%

The big surprise here is Naomi Stalenburg, who at 21 years of age is already a bit of a cricketing nomad, having played domestic cricket in England (for the Netherlands, in the Women’s County Championship), New Zealand and Australia.

Stalenburg has not yet been selected at international level, but her WBBL performances thus far could have the Southern Stars looking at her more closely in the not too distant future.


  1. Sarah Elliot (Melbourne Renegades) – 82%
  2. Emma Thompson (Hobart Hurricanes) – 72%
  3. Lauren Winfield (Brisbane Heat) – 69%
  4. Mignon du Preez (Melbourne Stars) – 69%
  5. Alex Blackwell (Sydney Thunder) – 68%

It’s probably no surprise to see Test Specialist™ Sarah Elliot at the top of this list; but that she has got there whilst still maintaining a healthy Strike Rate of 90, shows that there is still room for real runners even in the shortest format of the women’s game.

Perhaps the biggest surprise here though is English overseas Lauren Winfield – generally considered a bit of a “hitter” by English standards – but here playing a very different kind of game for the Heat.


  1. Stats restricted to players scoring more than 100 runs in the tournament so far.
  2. Percentage show is of runs scored – i.e. Sarah Eliot has scored 82% of her runs by running; Naomi Stalenburg has scored 71% of her runs in boundaries.

This piece was corrected on 10/1/2016 regarding Stalenburg’s international qualification for Australia not New Zealand.

2 thoughts on “STATS: WBBL Hitters & Runners

  1. …. and the best batsman in the event (Lanning) is neither a hitter or a runner although her performances do suggest Melbourne Stars is a misnomer in the sense they erroneously plonked an ‘s’ on the end.


  2. Ha, Yes MS have not been too clever so far apart from Lanning. Sciver has been disappointing with the bat (avg 13) but OK bowling, 11 wickets at under 20 and ER of 5.6. Anyway they have England’s Luke Wright! So there are at least 2 “Stars” if you count that …lol


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