IN NUMBERS: England Running On Empty Without Edwards, Taylor & Greenway?

Player Runs (% Total)
Charlotte Edwards 517 (19%)
Sarah Taylor 427 (16%)
Heather Knight 357 (13%)
Nat Sciver 256 (9%)
Lydia Greenway 230 (9%)
Katherine Brunt 207 (8%)
Georgia Elwiss 179 (7%)
Tammy Beaumont 164 (6%)
Danni Wyatt 114 (4%)
Amy Jones 91 (3%)
Lauren Winfield 44 (2%)

In the past 12 months, across all formats, England have scored 2,704 runs off the bat.

Between them, Charlotte Edwards, Sarah Taylor and Lydia Greenway scored almost half (44%) of these runs.

As my tweenage son might put it…. #JustSayin!

11 thoughts on “IN NUMBERS: England Running On Empty Without Edwards, Taylor & Greenway?

  1. In a balanced team, you would expect your top 3 to dominate. Of the 11 who played at Chester-le-Street, Root & Cook alone account for 47% of all Test runs scored by that team in the last 12 months. Add in Jonny B and the share rises to 63%.


    • The problem is, without Edwards, Taylor or Greenway England have suddenly lost a lot of batting experience and game management which the others are going to have to very quickly learn to compensate for. It’s asking a lot, when our remaining batsmen have regularly struggled either for form or their place in the side, and apart from Knight don’t have much international experience. If England men suddenly lost Cook, Root and Bairstow they might struggle too at first but would at least be able to bring in others with more experience on the world stage.


  2. Not withstanding the 15 to 20 runs Greenway has saved in most 20/20 and 50 over England matches over the past 13 years..


  3. When I first saw this article on my phone I just read “In numbers: England running O…” and I filled it in subconsciously as “…out of batsmen”. The same sentiment exists, though. England have now lost 3 players who played in their last ODI series and if you count Jones who has not played for Warks since mid-May as another possible absentee that number rises to four. This leaves Georgia Elwiss and Tammy Beaumont, previously “subs” or left out entirely, looking absolute certainties for top batting spots. As that means only a top four – five accounted for, we will likely be seeing at least one or two new inclusions.

    The only other side that could be fielded without any new inclusions would have to feature Brunt at six and Gunn etc at seven downwards. This side is “batting-lite” to say the least. In other words, the chances that MR will not include 1-2 new batsmen in his team, let alone in his squad, look pretty slim going forward. MR may be hoping we can cope this summer with a thin batting line-up but this would be a stop-gap solution to me.


    • Bringing back Sciver of course helps a bit but…we’ll need more than all-rounders from number four onwards to compete against WI in the winter I suspect.


  4. It will come as a surprise to no one learn England have never played a T20 without at least one of Edwards, Greenway and Taylor. In fact, of England’s 100 T20s, all 3 have played in 68 of them together.

    The most recent T20 team England fielded contained 690 caps (which is the most experienced team they have ever put out). The most they can field against Pakistan is 534 which drops to 454 if Gunn doesn’t play.

    One has to go all the way back to 1st April 2005 to find the last ODI did not contain any of Edwards, Greenway and Taylor. That was against NZ in the 2005 World Cup. The team that day was Birch RA, Brindle A, Brunt KH, Connor CJ, Guha IT, Gunn JL, Newton LK, Pearson LC, Shaw NJ, Smit J and Taylor SC. Edwards, Greenway and Taylor have played 87 ODIs together.

    The most recent ODI team England fielded contained 636 caps (which did not include Greenway). The most they can field against Pakistan is 533 which drops to 404 if Gunn doesn’t play. The last time England fielded an ODI team with as few as 533 caps was 17/11/2010 against Sri Lanka. The last time it was as low as 404 was 3/3/2007. The most they have ever fielded in a team is 829.

    Excluding extras, the percentage of England’s runs scored by the 3 in matches they have played in is:-

    Edwards : 5992 out of 30797 = 19.4%
    Taylor : 3261 out of 17366 = 18.7%
    Greenway : 2554 out of 21580 = 11.8%

    Edwards : 2605 out of 10867 = 23.9%
    Taylor : 2054 out of 9274 = 22.14%
    Greenway : 1192 out of 9665 = 12.33%

    Excluding extras, the percentage of England’s runs scored by the 3 in matches where all 3 played is:-
    ODIs : 50.5%
    T20s : 57.5%


    • Oops, that should be ‘of England’s 99 T20s’ – forgot the one against NZ in 2012 didn’t get a single ball bowled so doesn’t count.

      PS: Last ODI played by England which did not contain Edwards, Taylor, Greenway or Gunn was in the World Series of Women’s Cricket against NZ on 3/2/2003. Team that day was Brindle A, Collyer SV, Connor CJ, Holden D, Leng KM, Newton LK, Pearson LC, Shaw NJ, Spragg L, Taylor CE, Taylor SC.

      I think 4 of these are still playing at a high level (Spragg for Yorks, Shaw (Oz state cricket) and Brindle and Newton/MacLeod will be in the WSL).


  5. Phenomenal statistics from The Clanger which really show how integral these 3 players have been for England over the years. I can only imagine he must have a spreadsheet of all England’s results and all the player’s scores ever!

    It’s a huge game-changer to lose CE, ST and LG all at once (until Taylor returns I hope) which will require massive changes in the way the team plays and rapid, big improvements from quite a few other players. It’s uncharted territory coming up, this summer’s series is very important for how we move forward now. Vital upcoming announcement for the ODI squad – next week I presume?


  6. Very interesting figures and the experience of all 3 counts for a lot.They should have been allowed to stay on for The World Cup over here next year where their experience would have been invaluable amongst all the younger players.


  7. With a sizeable budget available for the England women’s team could CE (batting) & LG (fielding) not have become part of the coaching team and acted as mentors?

    Radical thinking I know but I’d bet that other countries would welcome both onto their coaching staff given half a chance.


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