Short Thoughts: KSL Stars v Diamonds

This was one of those games that neither team, nor any one player, really dominated; but overall the Stars came out on top because they were able to somehow eke out those few extra runs here and there which got them over the line first – Tammy Beaumont (47) made a few more runs that Hollie Armitage (43); Bryony Smith (31) made a couple more than Lauren Winfield (29); Alex Hartley (2-18) was that bit less expensive than Jenny Gunn (2-19).

Stars v Diamonds - Over by Over

The “Over by Over” graph (above) is interesting because it shows the Diamonds cruising along at a pretty steady pace throughout their innings, at a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 per over.

In contrast, the Stars innings was all highs and lows – three Diamonds overs (1, 10 and 18) conceded just one run apiece, whilst 3 others (2, 5 and 16) went for 15 or more.

From the Diamonds’ perspective, perhaps eliminating 2 of those 3 expensive “peaks” could well have won them the game; but to be fair only in hindsight could you have predicted that Katherine Brunt, whose first two overs had conceded just 1 and 3, would suddenly go for 17 off Bryony Smith in her third; or that Steph Butler, who had bowled 2 overs for 10 up to that point, would disappear for 15 off Tammy Beaumont in her third.

Afterwards, 18-year-old Bryony Smith, who has stepped up to the opening role for the Stars after injury ruled out the more experienced Kirstie White, spoke to CRICKETher, having scored 31 priceless runs at the top of the Stars order:

“I’ve been opening for Surrey in county Twenty20. I like to open with the powerplay – one of my strengths is to hit through the gaps; and to bat with someone like Tammy, who has obviously got a wealth of experience, is really good – every ball we’d be talking – it’s good to have someone like her down the other end.”

“We were very disappointed after Sunday [losing to the Vipers] but we’re pleased for the team to get back on the board.”

4 thoughts on “Short Thoughts: KSL Stars v Diamonds

  1. I think one difference was that the Stars played a bit more calmly and kept their focus. Diamonds panicked a bit at times with the bat and struggled when Stars pegged them back after an excellent start. There seems to be a hint of desperation and recklessness to Diamonds’ batting and bowling which is hampering them quite a lot. They were 72/0 after 10 overs and really should have scored at least 150 from there.

    The dismissals of the experienced Mooney and Blackwell were somewhat inexplicable, the former taking a run that was never there to a known good fielder (Sciver) and the latter playing a rash shot to a straight ball when she was just getting going. I know it’s T20 but probably not what you’d expect from supposed linchpins.

    It was a similar story in the field. After a good start from Brunt, Spragg couldn’t find her radar then Brunt lost hers in her final over. Ismail hasn’t settled either, she should be bowling 4 overs. Those 11 wides (compared to just 2 for Stars) made quite a difference in the end as well.

    Jenny Gunn cut a frustrated figure in the field, despite claiming a very good bowling return of 2-19 off her 4 overs. She did not want to accept the umpire’s decision of not out after an LBW appeal. I actually thought Gunn might get censored again for her behaviour but thankfully it doesn’t look like that happened. It’s a shame Diamonds have made a poor start as I’d like to see them get on the board, and it’s going to to be tough for them against Southern Vipers on Monday, who’ve made a great start and look like probably the strongest side.


    • To be fair to Blackwell that was a v. tricky ball – watch the replay on YouTube – it swung in and then moved in MORE off the pitch AND kept low. One of those ones that probably WAS there to cut but was just unplayable when it actually came. (Rest of what you say totally stands though.)


      • Hi Syd – well I only saw it from extra cover (we were behind the dugouts). I didn’t even know there was a Youtube video of it. Can you post a link please? Thanks


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