KSL Diamonds v Thunder: Talking Points

Diamonds bt. Thunder by 28 runs

Some Internationals You Win… 

She might have been a last minute KSL selection, but Chamari Atapattu proved today that she should never be anyone’s second choice, hitting the ball just as hard as she did during the World Cup. With 41 runs, 4 overs and a catch to her name, it was a pretty solid start from the first Sri Lankan to play in an overseas women’s league.

… And Some You Luus

Presumably KSL captains have at least some say over the international players who are selected to play under them. It seems baffling, then, that Lauren Winfield not only chose to bowl home-grown talents Katie Thompson and Katie Levick ahead of her international leg-spinner Sune Luus, but that she chose not to use Luus at all. It seems we weren’t the only ones questioning her choice!

Alice Davidson-Richards

We’ve seen enough of ADR at Kent over the past couple of years to know that she’s a much improved player of late, and she certainly proved it today. 22 off 13 balls and 3-20 – at 23, maybe she won’t ever go on to play for England, but she still stacks up pretty well against the top internationals in this competition.

Helmet Help?

When Sophie Devine comes out to bat without a helmet, one is brought out for her pretty pronto because it’s against the regulations. But when Anna Nicholls decides she is going to keep wicket against Katherine Brunt – one of the fastest bowlers in world cricket – without any head protection, there’s nothing in the rules to stop her. Time for a rethink?!

4 thoughts on “KSL Diamonds v Thunder: Talking Points

  1. Good to see some contributions from the non-internationals today, something that was severely lacking in last year’s competition. Didn’t look good initially as it was the 15th over of the 1st innings before we had anything other than an international bowling to an international. There were of course still a few TFC awards to be handed out today (Walsh, Dickinson etc), but one of them was for an overseas international player! Lancs Thunder were badly hit by withdrawals before the tournament last year, maybe the problem this year will be the top players from the squad being unavailable for individual matches! Taylor was said to be at her sister’s wedding, and yes I’d like to be at my sister’s nuptials, it’s just that I can’t ever remember a professional sportsperson in any sport, men’s or women’s, missing a match for that reason ever before? After not seeing yesterday’s, this was my first experience of watching domestic women’s cricket on TV, and I have two observations. Firstly, Sky don’t seem to demand much in the way of research from their commentators, as none of them (even Edwards, Guha and Westbury) seemed to be able to identify the non-internationals in the field. Secondly, there were repeated references to women’s county cricket without an attempt to explain that this competition was a different thing altogether. There must have been some confused viewers as the commentators spoke about a match between teams called Lancashire and Yorkshire as if it wasn’t county cricket!


  2. Robinson is obviously looking at the likes of Katie George and Emma Lamb as upcoming youngsters, but the England development shouldn’t ignore the likes of ADR when thinking about upcoming tours and series. Whether she’s 23 or 30, a good player in form who is pushing for a place shouldn’t be ruled out by default. We need to be open to looking at non-contracted players in between the contract renewal periods.

    As for having to wear helmets when wicket-keeping, it’s always advisable and I’m surprised that the KSL teams haven’t enforced it themselves. If I remember correctly the ECB sent out an edict a couple of years ago declaring the same for England matches, if they can do so can the KSL surely?


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