Women’s County Championship Finale: What They Need To Do

The Women’s County Championship reaches a finale this weekend, with lots still to play for in both the top 2 divisions.

Bonus points could be critical – here is a reminder of how they work:

Batting First

75 Runs = 1 Bonus Point; 100 = 2; 150 = 3; 200 = 4

Batting Second

1.5 Runs-Per-Over = 1 Bonus Point, 2 = 2; 3= 3; 4 = 4


3 Wickets = 1 Bonus Point, 5 = 2; 7 = 3; 9 = 4

So… what do they need to do?


Div 1


Hampshire, Yorkshire or Kent could win the title. Somerset are already relegated, and one of Lancashire, Nottinghamshire, Middlesex or Warwickshire will join them.

Hampshire v Middlesex – Win with 7 or 8 bonus points to be certain of being champions; or else drop no more than 1 bonus point compared with Yorkshire.

Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire – Make up 2 bonus points on Hampshire to be champions.

Kent v Somerset – Win big and hope Hampshire and Yorkshire both lose to be champions.

Lancashire v Warwickshire, Nottinghamshire v Yorkshire & Middlesex v Hampshire – Win to make 100% sure they stay up. (There is a chance any of the three could be relegated if they lose badly and other results go against them.)

Warwickshire v Lancashire – Win big and hope other results go their way to avoid relegation.

Somerset v Kent – Already relegated.

Div 2


Two of Sussex, Surrey and Wales will be promoted. Derbyshire and Northamptonshire are already relegated; but everyone except Sussex and Surrey could theoretically be relegated, with the 6th placed side going into a play-off vs one of the top Div 3 sides.

Sussex v Berkshire & Surrey v Essex – Win to guarantee promotion; or hope Wales don’t win big.

Wales v Devon – Win big, and hope one of Sussex or Surrey lose big.

Devon v Wales, Berkshire v Sussex & Essex v Surrey – Win and hope other results go their way to avoid the play-off.

Derbyshire v Northamptonshire & Northamptonshire v Derbyshire – Both already relegated.

4 thoughts on “Women’s County Championship Finale: What They Need To Do

  1. I’m guessing the bonus point scale is for the team as a whole, not individual players (ie, doesn’t have to be an individual that does it as long the team, collectively, makes the target)?


  2. Is it just me who thinks the batting bonus points are generous? 1 point for scoring 75 runs or 1.5 per over seems too low, particularly with scoring rates generally higher now than, say, 10 years ago. I would start at 150 / 3 rpo personally.


    • Possibly need re-assessing. It’s an interesting question. The top 2 Divisions have had quite different characteristics, despite similar overall run rates.

      Division 1 run rate – 3.68 rpo
      Division 2 run rate – 3.55 rpo

      Average non-rain-reduced 1st innings total:
      Div 1 – 162.14
      Div 2 – 184.19

      150-199 1st inns totals:
      Div 1 – 10
      Div 2 – 4

      200-249 1st inns totals:
      Div 1 – 4
      Div 2 – 4

      250+ 1st inns totals:
      Div 1 – 1 (highest 259)
      Div 2 – 4 (highest 404)

      Average 2nd innings run rate:
      Div 1 – 3.78 rpo.
      Div 2 – 3.01 rpo


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