NEWS: Beaumont Unsigned As England Players Announced For The Hundred

The ECB have announced the first round of “draft” picks for The Hundred – the 100-ball tournament which will replace the Kia Super League next summer.

Birmingham Phoenix

Amy Jones, Kirstie Gordon

London Spirit

Heather Knight, Freya Davies

Manchester Originals

Kate Cross, Sophie Ecclestone

Northern Superchargers

Lauren Winfield, Linsey Smith

Oval Invincibles

Laura Marsh, Fran Wilson

Southern Brave

Anya Shrubsole, Danni Wyatt

Trent Rockets

Nat Sciver, Katherine Brunt

Welsh Fire

Katie George, Bryony Smith

The 16 players were selected through a negotiated process, rather than a classic “draft”, which meant players were free to accept, or importantly reject, any offer they received.

Significantly, it looks like Tammy Beaumont has done the latter – she is the highest profile player not selected, and it looks like she may be holding-out to be a second-round pick for a more attractive team.

Also unsigned from the current contracted squad are (former) Loughborough Lightning captain Georgia Elwiss, Jenny Gunn, Alex Hartley and Alice Davidson-Richards.

Today’s announcement also confirms the team names – “Welsh” winning-out over “Western” for the Fire, who will play in the traditional Welsh heartlands of… er… Taunton – and the kits, which are basically advertising hoardings for salty snacks.

Mmmmm…. snaaaaaaacks…


9 thoughts on “NEWS: Beaumont Unsigned As England Players Announced For The Hundred

  1. Manchester Originals

    Lauren Winfield, Linsey Smith

    Northern Superchargers

    Lauren Winfield, Linsey Smith



  2. The Hundred seems to give me the weirdest feeling. Hearing all the new details today has seemed to be beyond a joke at times. What with the comedy “sponsors”, the utterly ridiculous and nonsensical team names, hideous kits and fake team “rivalries” that bear no relevance to what anyone familiar with cricket is accustomed to… somehow, it’s not April 1st.

    We seem to be engaged in a new snack war, with Skips going up against popcorn and Hula Hoops, as McCoy’s sweep in for the kill. Needless to say this goes to show less genuine sponsor interest than the ECB would have liked.

    And surely a 5 year-old could have come up with better team names. The immediate irony of the derivatively named “Manchester Originals”. I bet “Oval Invincibles” will go down well with the Chelsea-supporting Surrey fans. And “Northern Superchargers” – really? Come back “Rising Pune Supergiant”, all is forgiven. Well, maybe not quite all, but it’s a “wild” name, and that’s the kindest I can be.

    And worst of the bunch…”Southern Brave”. Sorry, no – that makes absolutely no sense. Southern Bravery, maybe, there are at least other sports teams around the world called something “courage”, so I might have understood that. But Southern Brave – I’m just not having it.

    I think an uninspired Jackson Pollock copycat designed the kits. The kit of “Birmingham Phoenix” is particularly horrendous, as is that of “Manchester Originals”. And the only marginally better “Oval Invincibles” kit is too similar to “Southern Brave”‘s.

    I feel sorry for all the players of “Trent Rockets” especially. Not only do they have to play for an abysmally-named side, but their kit is also a travesty. At least with Sciver and Brunt they have 2 very good players to start with.

    I think I will use the initial letters of the team names. Some do not bear repeating, frankly. SB, you know who you are. ECB might as well have called the teams A, B C, and so on!

    Combined with the absolute pittance the majority of female players are being offered (the highest wages are not too bad, but the rest should be much more on a level with that) to partake, and this is not good on so many levels.

    Onto the possibly not so bad aspects…for the women’s game, we have no choice but to pay interest, since there’s no KSL. It will be the big domestic thing next year, so there is a chance the women’s Hundred could be a bit more favoured / successful than the men’s, seeing as it’s not just an unwanted bolt-on. And the player selections are interesting, with each team so far having a good batsman and bowler to start with. There could be some intriguing combinations. Most have played together quite a lot before, although the OI and WF players are slightly away from their home county areas.

    The new rules will have a novelty value, too. And the FTA domestic coverage adds another dimension. We’ll have to see what develops, but if anyone can make it work, it will be the players. It has not been made easy for them at all, though.


  3. I love the super imposed shirts on active players. What a load of garbage.
    Healthy eating for children, eat loads of crisps from our sponsors.
    I still feel this 100 is going to be tough to make popular.
    A few questions due to my ignorance of the procedure.
    Which players will be involved in the second selection day on 20th of October?
    What young, 17/22 year old County talent will be included?
    If selected, will they get a chance to show their batting of bowling skills?
    Or spend their game going to deep mid wicket or third man at both ends for 100 balls?


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