The CRICKETher Weekly – Episode 92

This week:

  • TWO England Ashes squad announcements
  • England’s new “bold” approach against Australia – will it work?
  • Who should have been selected for the A tour but wasn’t?
  • We rhapsody about Alice Capsey… again!

One thought on “The CRICKETher Weekly – Episode 92

  1. I usually listen to the more convenient- for-me podcast these days but have tuned in to YouTube to see your faces after a while, (Syd’s terrible jokes don’t quite land the same aurally 😆) good to see you looking well. I find I’m much happier when I don’t pay too much attention to the captain/coach preamble ‘trash-talk’ not just in cricket but in any sport. Any synonym for ,bold’ will do. It’s just exciting the Ashes are so close now really though.

    It’s interesting to me that you often talk about what a lovely person , for example , Georgia Elwiss is or Fran Wilson, and I do agree; part of the reason it’s so easy to warm to England Women is that it’s chock full of lovely people, but does it matter? Who ISN’T a lovely person? And would they deserve any less?

    I hear you on the squad selections; for my part I’m happy there’s finally the depth in the pro women’s game that there can be a constant debate about people who are left out/dropped from the squads. Long may that debate grow and continue. I agree axing ‘Robbo’ did seem a bit premature but here we are now.

    I don’t think I’ve heard anyone bat for Alice Capsey as much as you two in all honesty. I do agree she’s been amazing but I’m somewhere between you and Heather Knight on current inclusion really. I just don’t see the need at this stage to bump anybody out of the main top 7 to include her in say a match day 12. And I definitely wouldn’t want her in the squad to just be hanging around not playing when she could be smashing runs in the A-team. Unless you’re switching her out for Bouchier which is maybe a 50/50 call, and even then I’d be inclined to go with the person who’s been playing in Australia recently, and may not get many/any Ashes games if everyone remains fit and healthy.. I did read and appreciate your article about how Capsey fits into the current playing 11, a dare I say BOLD 11 by Syd there, but I wasn’t 100% convinced.

    One thing for sure the 2019 Ashes was a bit of a horror. This year has GOT TO be better!


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