From The Front Lines: Girl’s Cricket In Bexley

By John Daniels

Cricket for girls in the London Borough of Bexley is a “Joined up Writing” venture that incorporates any entity where girls play cricket in the borough, including Bexley Cricket Club, Sidcup Cricket Club, primary schools, secondary schools and a district team that operates during the winter months that enables the girls a chance to play all year round.

It all starts with a local cricket business – Bexley District Cricket – that is the brainchild of Richard O’Sullivan, who sets the ball rolling by placing his network of fully trained coaches into over 75% of the local schools.

From that start the girls are given the opportunity to play outside of the schools environment on other coaching courses in the hope that some of the girls will eventually take up the game and join one of the two cricket clubs in the borough that run girls sections, namely Bexley CC and Sidcup CC.

Old Bexley Primary School – Kent Championship 2015

Old Bexley Primary School – Kent Championship 2015

At the moment there is very little organised cricket in the area for girls of 14+ so to compensate for this Bexley CC are formulating a Bexley Bees team that will offer the older girls a chance to carry on playing.

This team will also invite other players who have been through the Bexley system and are now playing their adult club cricket outside the borough, to form a Bexley “Invitation” team which will play friendly matches during the 2016 outdoor season.

It is hoped that this will be the first steps towards formulating regular adult women’s cricket at the club, with a goal of eventually playing league cricket.

Throughout the district, many people and organisations help to form the administration of the project: parents, schools, the local council, coaches and team managers.

Success on the field of play has been achieved at all levels, clubs, primary schools, secondary schools and the indoor district team but more importantly the structure for the purposes on sustainability is ever strengthening and this is the key factor for long term growth.

Sidcup CC – Winners of the Borough Indoor Championship 2013 - Photo Andy Clay

Sidcup CC – Winners of the Borough Indoor Championship 2013 – Photo Andy Clay

New ventures and projects are tried constantly, some successfully and some that spectacularly fail; but it is far better to try and fail than not try at all and the successful events have borne ample fruit.

Achievements around the borough include:

Bexley CC

  • North Kent Junior League under 13s girls winners (initial season) 2012
  • Kent under 11s festival day June 2010 winners
  • North Kent under 13s league winners 2011

Sidcup CC

  • Bexley Indoor Championship winners 2010, 2013,

Old Bexley Primary School

  • Kent Primary School champions 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015

Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School

  • Lady Taverners Kent Indoor Kent indoor under 13s schools winners March 2011

Townley Grammar School

  • Lady Taverners North Kent Cluster under 13s winners2013

Bexley Borough/District team (indoor winter cricket)

  • London Youth games winners 2010, runners up 2011, third place 2016

One thought on “From The Front Lines: Girl’s Cricket In Bexley

  1. Keep up the good work John, still trying to get your neighboring borough together in a similar way.

    One of the barriers is that every club in a relatively small area thinks they can create the next big thing in women’s cricket and are often precious about their female players when a community approach serves the game best.

    In doing so they fail to see the bigger picture and as their better players get picked-off by the local County squads the more committed players are left with the choice play mixed cricket or not at all. We need to increase overall participation first then the clubs can grow and thrive.


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