World Twenty20: Semi-Final Preview (New Zealand v West Indies)

James Piechowski previews the second WWT20 semi-final, taking place later today between New Zealand and West Indies.

Venue: Mumbai

Coverage: Sky TV, BBC Radio TMS

Prediction: New Zealand

West Indies have batted first in every game so far, and have become experts at defending their total. New Zealand should therefore look to bat first, or otherwise take early wickets then aim to get off to a flyer in response. They have the players to be able to take the game away from WI, and quickly. The start of each innings will be crucial for both teams, as WI will need to get ahead of the game early on to take NZ out of their comfort zone. Getting 3 wickets as early as possible will expose NZ’s so far untested lower middle order.

Many may expect this match to be straightforward for NZ, but I’m not so sure it will be. WI are better prepared for the cauldron of pressure that tends to build in the latter stages of knock-out tournaments; their batting has a solid foundation, and their death bowling is tight. I think NZ will win, but it will be close. NZ can be beaten, though, and if anyone can do it, it’s one of the three remaining semi-finalists.

Pitch/scores: This will be the first women’s fixture played at Mumbai in the tournament. But based on the men’s games played there, it is an absolute belter – which will suit New Zealand’s big hitting ability nicely. Expect a score of 150 plus from them if batting first or unless WI perform very well. But if Bates, Devine & Co. really get going, who knows what may be possible. The sky is the limit, as they say. The amazing form NZ have been in enables them to drive progress in the women’s game, and set new records, and new standards for the rest to match. Let’s hope they challenge themselves to this new level and give us another memorable contest.

6 thoughts on “World Twenty20: Semi-Final Preview (New Zealand v West Indies)

  1. I know it’s naughty to comment on my own posts but why on earth did Bates, having won the toss, bowl first? It was playing right into West Indies’ hands. Pure folly, in my view. I bet Stafanie Taylor couldn’t believe her luck when she heard.

    A big turning point in the game I feel was Dottin’s run out of Devine. NZ always struggling after that.


  2. As a New Zealand fan who is very disappointed by this loss – catalysed by the decision to bowl first – I also have to say that I was very impressed by the West Indies.

    Firstly, I at last saw a side that could reliably turn “long ones” into twos safely, something the White Ferns rarely managed. Regularly scoring twos rather than ones is a huge boost especially in women’s T20s, given the lower proportion of runs from boundaries – on the evidence of this game, the West Indies have cracked it.

    Secondly, the deal with the West Indies’ batting has generally been “get Taylor, get Dottin, and the rest look after themselves.” The Ferns may have been thinking likewise – the quality of Cooper’s innings appeared to surprise them, and it certainly surprised me. In the WBBL, Hayley Matthews showed glimpses of her talent too – a Matthews, Taylor, Cooper, Dottin top four looks a formidable unit over the next few years.

    All that said, I still expect Australia to win the final, but for the sake of the game worldwide I would love a West Indies victory.


    • Yes that Cooper innings came out of nowhere really. Just goes to show WI are a side from which any given player can step up when really needed. I’ve also been impressed by them. Am rooting for WI in the final as well, although if Australia do win, as a consolation us English can say we were only beaten by the eventual winners.


  3. I feel a whole lot better about New Zealand’s loss now, given the result of the final! A remarkable game in which Australia won the first 19 overs pretty decisively, but West Indies won the next 21… Remarkable also how the final over mirrored the final over of the WBBL final – with Stafanie Taylor on the winning side both times, and a missed close-range runout deciding it.

    I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a better innings in a World T20 final than Hayley Matthews’ tonight – when you consider she’s only just turned 18, it was a stunning achievement. Well done, West Indies!


  4. It was a great game to watch and a phenomenal performance in the run chase by WI – Taylor and Matthews in particular.


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