OPINION: Alyssa Healy’s Sporting Gesture Shows The Way For Australian Cricket

Ravi Nair reflects upon a moment from today’s tri-series final between England and Australia, which took place earlier today in Mumbai

About mid-way through England’s innings, as they were attempting to chase down Australia’s mammoth total of 209, Amy Jones hit the ball deep and was called back by Nat Sciver for a second run. She never looked like making it; the ball hit wicketkeeper Alyssa Healy’s gloves and almost simultaneously the stumps were knocked askew. But Healy turned away glumly and shook her head at her colleague, Ellyse Perry.

The umpires were baffled, as they were prepared to give the run-out without even going upstairs, but Healy refused to appeal, saying she had knocked off the bails with her gloves just before the ball hit them and she then knocked the stumps sideways. She didn’t have time to go for the keeper’s back-up, of gathering a stump in her hands and uprooting it.

Jones was halfway to the Pavilion when the umpires called for a television review (perhaps some of the other Australians had instinctively appealed, as most of us spectators did) and, after three long minutes, confirmed what Healy had said. Jones’ innings continued, even though it did not eventually make a difference to the outcome of the match.

Australians apparently like their sporting heroes to play “hard but fair”. After and this action of Healy’s, I’d suggest they would have been better off following the fortunes of their national team in India, as opposed to the one in South Africa.

3 thoughts on “OPINION: Alyssa Healy’s Sporting Gesture Shows The Way For Australian Cricket

  1. Steve Smith & co. have certainly raised my ire over the past few years at times with their pretty outrageous behaviour, and their side are now paying the price for a win-at-all-costs mentality. However the way some of our media have been rubbing their faces in it, I feel, is totally out of line.

    Meanwhile the Aussie women’s team have been playing fairly, and Healy, although she sometimes has a few words to say, has been really sporting on this occasion. A great example to set. I’m sure the women’s sides will also have to be extra careful, as everyone will, from now on. To be honest I like most of their players nearly as much as England’s… Strange, I know!

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