OPINION: What Has Wyatt Got To Do?

When England’s Women’s Ashes ODI squad was announced earlier this week, the omission of Danielle Wyatt was no great surprise to followers of the women’s game. But it does beg the question: just what has TAFKAW* got to do to get selected for England outside of the T20 arena?

Even in T20s, Wyatt has had little opportunity to shine at international level recently. Since the contracts were put in place last year, she has played 6 T20s – three against South Africa last summer, and three versus New Zealand over the winter. But in those games, she has bowled only once, taking 0/5; and batted just twice, scoring 0 and 7. So whilst it is true that she could have made more of her opportunities… when those opportunities are so few and far between, is it really fair to expect her to instantly be able to just ‘turn it on’ at the highest level?

Meanwhile, Wyatt’s form at county level has been superlative – hitting runs all over the place, and averaging over 40, with a highest score of 102 in domestic cricket this season. Even her bowling seems to be getting back on track – we have seen her bowl twice this season and while she wasn’t turning it like Holly Colvin at Billingshurst, not many would be; and she has nevertheless done a job, taking 6 wickets at 29, and bowling very few bad balls.

In contrast, Georgia Elwiss, who was selected, has NOT had a great start to the county season – she averages just 19 with the bat, with a highest score of 34; and has taken only 3 wickets with the ball.

But Elwiss did have one opportunity which Wyatt did not – she was selected for the Academy tour of the UAE, where she made a hatful of runs against Australia’s youngsters – the Shooting Stars.

However, we must then raise the question: is scoring hundreds at county level really so much less valuable than making runs against a very inexperienced Shooting Stars team, in a series of “jumpers for goalposts”** matches on a road in the UAE?

Apparently, the England selectors think so… but I’m not so sure!

* The Artist Formerly Known As WAG!
** These games were NOT played under standard international playing conditions, with teams effectively making substitutions and batting on when technically All Out.

5 thoughts on “OPINION: What Has Wyatt Got To Do?

  1. Feels like county cricket is not seen as a gateway to England selection more about performance of pathway players in closed sessions at the cricketing centre of excellence.

    Doubt this will be any clearer in the future either


  2. Good matter to raise, Syd.
    There is a big gap between county cricket and international level (Beaumont perhaps best demonstrates this with a stellar record for Kent and a really quite poor record for England). That said, having been dropped by England, Wyatt has got her head down and done the only thing one can do in response – score runs, not only for Notts but also 69, 59 and 12* against Sri Lanka A in April.
    If she had been picked which batsman would she have replaced. Several (based in the NZ ODIs) could have been at risk, most notably Greenway who was actually dropped in NZ and whose form has really nose dived over the last 2 years. Jones (given little chance in NZ) scored a wonderful 100 in the ‘trial’ at Loughboro and generally looks in very good nick (and she keeps of course) was a certain selection. Winfield (3, 14 and 29 in NZ) is clearly in the selectors long term plan so has been given more time. Sciver’s 69* in NZ might have saved her place but 3 low scores in this Ashes ODIs should mean she is ‘toast’. Knight (11,5,79,5,0 in NZ) didn’t exactly overwhelm in NZ and she should spend her time practicing her batting and forget the bowling (we’ve got spinners coming ‘out of our ears’).
    Syd, who would you have not selected ?

    I hope she is a no-brainer selection for the T20 squad.

    PS: I reckon the selectors should have more of a sense of humour and pick her just for the opportunity of seeing her bat with Lottie and watch her complete 2 runs, nip off her a pee and a cuppa and still be back in time to see Lottie complete a single !!


  3. I’d say she’s had more than enough chances at international level and the times right to give someone else that opportunity. I would suggest her average in internationals with the bat is poor and when given the chance she has not previously taken the responsibility.

    She has a great opportunity in the academy this summer vs the Aussies to stand up and be counted – I doubt she will!! U


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