Women’s International Championship Rain Regs

(AKA: We read the Playing Conditions so you don’t have to!)

Women’s International Championship matches allocate a Reserve Day in case of rain on the Match Day; but how exactly does that work?

  • If it starts raining, the initial priority is to get a result on the official Match Day.
  • The umpires will declare a reduced amount of overs, with the aim being to still complete the match at the originally scheduled finish time.
  • A result can be declared if the side batting second has faced a minimum of 20 overs.
  • Should the side batting second face fewer overs than the side batting first, the Duckworth-Lewis Method comes into play; and a new “target” is calculated, which takes into account wickets in-hand as well as run-rate.
  • Basically, so far, so much the same as any other ODI – men’s or women’s.
  • ONLY if 20 overs of the second innings can’t be completed on the Match Day do we THEN fall over to the Reserve Day.
  • The Reserve Day picks up the game where the Match Day left off. So if the team batting second start a Duckworth-Lewis-adjusted 20 over chase, that is where we pick up from. (Even if there is just one ball of it left!)
  • But they must have started the chase. If the umpires only announce the adjusted chase (but the players never actually get back on, because it starts raining again) the overs to be bowled on the Reserve Day will be those that stood at the moment they originally came off.

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