It’s A Test!

It’s a cold, wet Tuesday morning in Canterbury but there is a palpable sense of excitement in the air. The press box is already full and the England batsmen are practising in the nets below us. Everyone knows: this actually isn’t just “a” Test… it’s “The Test”.

Unlike in The Other Game, Women’s Test matches aren’t two-a-penny – 2014 was unusual in that there were three in an entire calendar year – Australia v England, England v India and India v South Africa.

This year, this is likely to be the only Women’s Test played anywhere in the world; and for these teams, this could be the last Test they play until 2018.

So you can understand why both captains seemed just that little bit more ‘up for it’ in their press conferences yesterday; and why all the players this morning are wearing such broad smiles of excitement tinged with perhaps a touch of nerves, as they warm-up in their brand new, starch-white jerseys.

For everyone here, Test cricket is still the pinnacle; and its relative scarcity means its value is beyond priceless.

It is a huge day for the players, a huge day for England and Australia, and a huge day for Women’s Cricket.

We can’t wait to get started!