Women’s Ashes Test Day 2 Preview – What England Have To Do On Day 2

Bowl The Australians Out For Under 300

Having had their declaration plans thwarted by Charlotte Edwards pulling back the new ball field last night, Australia will be keen to wrestle back the initiative – push on past 300 in the first hour, then declare. For their part, England must be desperate to stop them – they want to be batting by midday for sure, but on their terms!

Find A Centurion

England can’t afford to concede anything much of a first-innings lead – lets face it, they aren’t going to get Lanning and Perry and Blackwell all out in single-figures again – so they need 300; and 300 is very difficult to get unless someone stands up and scores big runs.

The lesson of Jonassen’s innings yesterday is patience – a word which Sarah Taylor in particular needs tattooed in large, friendly letters on the inside of her brain. The England glove-butler has yet to score even a fifty in 7 Tests, let alone a hundred. Today would be a good day to change that.

Play Day 2 Test Cricket

There was some criticism yesterday on Twitter of the way the game was being played at 2-3 runs per over; but this isn’t a T20 and England would do well to remember that – this is Test cricket, not ice-dancing, and there are no extra points for style. England can’t win the Women’s Ashes today; but they can lose them if they throw their wickets away chasing runs that don’t need to be chased. It is only Day 2 – lets go out and play Day 2 Test cricket!

One thought on “Women’s Ashes Test Day 2 Preview – What England Have To Do On Day 2

  1. “Bowl The Australians Out For Under 300” – Check (well, they declared, but same difference)

    “Find A Centurion” – Nope, um Brunt came closest…61 runs off

    “Play Day 2 Test Cricket” – Well maybe the problem was they couldn’t get many boundaries or rotate the strike. Basically same issues as last 2 ODIs.

    Australia have got to really mess this up not to win from here. Knock off a quick 100/150 or so in the morning and stick us back in. The weather may have to be our saviour, with dodgy forecast for the p.m. on Thu/Fri.

    It’s interesting, and intriguing, I’ll give it that.


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