Women’s Ashes Trophy Gaffe

The Australians have recently headed back home with the Women’s Ashes trophy back in their grasp, presumably soon to be added to the silverware on display in their trophy cabinet.

There’s just one little problem: the trophy contains a glaring error.

CRICKETher’s editor Raf Nicholson spotted the mistake during the recent series, when the trophy was being displayed prior to the beginning of the Test match at Canterbury.

The discs on the base of the trophy contain the dates and results of the 21 women’s England-Australia series’ played to date (with space to show all results until 2030). The third series listed appears on the trophy as “1949/50 – Australia”. But… the series concerned actually took place during the 1948/9 season – with the three Tests (of which one was won by the Aussies, and two ended in draws) occurring in January and February 1949, at Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

Detail of the Women's Ashes Trophy

Detail of the Women’s Ashes Trophy

The Women’s “Ashes” – which are the remains of a miniature bat signed by both teams burned prior to the 1998 series – were originally housed within a timber cricket ball, but a new version of the trophy, which now surrounds the ball with nine golden stumps, was jointly commissioned by the ECB and Cricket Australia prior to the 2013 series. A company based in Kyneton, Victoria – Flynn Silver – was responsible for its production. Apparently the error on this new version of the trophy had until now gone unnoticed by either board.

While the correct series dates are on both the Cricket Archive and ESPNcricinfo databases, Wikipedia for some unknown reason has the same (incorrect) dates as the trophy. Perhaps the trophy’s engravers checked the wrong source before they did their job?!

CRICKETher did bring the gaffe to the attention of the ECB during the recent series, so it may be that something will be done to amend the error before the next Ashes encounter Down Under in 2017/18.

For now, though, there’s just one word to sum up the situation…