OPINION: Here’s To The Losers!

“Every loser wins…” sang EastEnders’ Nick Berry. But then again “Wicksy” (as he was known on screen) never played international cricket – if he had, he would have known that “Every loser loses” and it hurts like hell too. (Just ask Charlotte Edwards, or any of the rest of the England team, right now!)

Nevertheless it is a paradox that every sport needs its losers, because without them there can be no winners – if England hadn’t lost the Women’s Ashes, Australia could not have won them!

As the Women’s County Championship draws once more to a close, there will be joy for the winners; but spare a thought too for the losers: those like Scotland and Lancashire, who are already relegated but play on for pride; or those like one of either Nottinghamshire or Warwickshire and Essex or Durham, for whom the tears are still to come.  They might not be writing their names into the history books this weekend… but it would have been awfully difficult for the winners to have won without them!