Women’s County Championship – Bonus Points Explained

It’s the last day of the Women’s County Championship, and bonus points could be critical at both the top and bottom of Division 1.

Each game offers 10 points for a win plus 8 bonus points, 4 for batting and 4 for bowling.

To take the title, Yorkshire need a win plus at least 7 bonus points; whilst at the bottom, to be certain of survival Warwickshire also need the same – i.e. a win plus a minimum of 7 bonus points, although they can get away with less depending on how Notts get on.

Here is how the bonus points work:


Bowling points are pretty simple – you take wickets; you get points!

Wickets Points
3 1
5 2
7 3
9 4


Batting points are a bit more complicated, because they are calculated on the run rate, rather than the number of runs. To give you an idea, we’ve shown a 50 Over Equivalent score below; but remember if your side are chasing, it is really how quickly they score the runs rather than how many they score.

Run Rate (Per Over*) 50 Over Equivalent Points
1.5 75 1
2 100 2
3 150 3
4 200 4

* If you are all-out, the run rate is calculated based on the full allocation of overs.