OPINION: Please Stop Retweeting THAT Pic

We’ve seen several versions of this pic doing the rounds over the past couple of days:

Unfortunately, there is a problem!

The cricket bit (top left) is a photo of England women with the (50 over) World Cup… but it is from 2009 which (if my maths is correct…) is 6 years ago.

This year (2015) England men won their Ashes; whilst we lost ours. Admittedly, the men were humiliated in their World Cup; but we didn’t exactly set things on fire in our last one of those either – it was back in 2013 and we came 3rd.

So please, step away from the green button – there are lots of ways for support our team… but retweeting this factually misleading pic isn’t one of them!

One thought on “OPINION: Please Stop Retweeting THAT Pic

  1. Where do we draw the line between not wanting this inadvisable piece of media spread around, and outright calling for less to no coverage of women’s cricket as was done recently by Christopher Booker in the Telegraph? Yes, he really claimed it was stealing limelight from men’s County cricket. Incredible, I know. Correlation and causation, and all that malarkey…



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