NEWS: Moores Or Less A Foregone Conclusion For Head Coach Role?

The Times has published a piece by TMS’s Alison Mitchell, linking ex-England (Men’s) Coach Peter Moores with the vacancy for England Women’s Head Coach.

CRICKETher thinks it is pretty unlikely that Mitchell wrote this piece without talking to Moores, so the conclusion would appear to be that he has said (at least codedly) that he wants the job*.

Furthermore, Clare Connor has told the BBC:

“The qualities and experiences we are looking for are going to be found more than likely with a coach who has worked at as high a level as possible in the men’s game.”

Connor continued (as if it wasn’t already clear enough) that the person who gets the job is “more than likely going to be a man”. She didn’t quite go on to add that he was “more than likely going to be called Peter too”… but she might as well have done!

Despite having been sacked not once but twice from the Men’s Head Coach role, Moores remains a very-much respected figure at ECB Towers; and his England stints aside, he has a very strong track record, being the only coach in history to have won the (Men’s) County Championship with two different sides: Sussex and Lancashire.


* UPDATE: 14/10/15 – Mitchell said on TMS today that she had NOT spoken to Moores.

2 thoughts on “NEWS: Moores Or Less A Foregone Conclusion For Head Coach Role?

  1. My first thought on hearing this was “OH NO not Moores again” but maybe it won’t be so bad after all. Maybe if Moores looks at his Data enough he will be able to work out a winning formula…


  2. The England men’s team appeared utterly petrified when Peter Moores was their coach – and at times this summer, England Women looked similarly afraid to depart from a pre-set playbook. If a player with the hitting power and flair of Grace Harris or Deandra Dottin arose in the English domestic game, would she get picked in a team coached by Mr Moores – or would she get sent back to the shires to eliminate all that risky aggression from her game and work on her forward defensives?


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