NEWS: Second Aussie Sanctioned For Betting On “The Other Game”

Perth Scorchers Piepa Cleary has become the second Australian domestic player in recent months to be sanctioned for betting on a men’s cricket match – the recent “day-night” Test between Australia and New Zealand.

Betting on any cricket match is prohibited by the code of conduct which all top-level players in Australia are required to adhere to.

Late last year, Sydney Sixers Angela Reakes was handed a 2-year ban for placing bets of less than $10 on the men’s World Cup final; but this ban was “suspended” – meaning that in practice she is able to continue training and playing as normal.

Cleary has also been banned for 2 years, but in her case only the last 18 months are “suspended”, so she is actually banned for 6 months – a considerably harsher punishment than Reakes, justified by the fact that Cleary had attended face-to-face “anti-corruption” training earlier in the season.

Although the term of the actual ban is off-season and is unlikely to effect her participation in next season’s WNCL/ WBBL, it does mean that Cleary won’t be able to train or play with the Australian development squad – the Shooting Stars – of which she has recently been a part, including playing against England Academy in last year’s tour to Dubai.

This news is further evidence of Cricket Australia’s determination to hold top-level women’s domestic players to the same standards as their male counterparts – something that is perhaps a little easier in Australia than it would be in England because of the clearer distinction between what is (and is not) “top level”.

Middlesex captain Izzy Westbury – who has previously openly discussed betting on men’s cricket – gave her response on Twitter:

It is obviously a nuanced question, but one that should still give any English domestic player pause for thought. Betting on The Other Game might not be technically illegal for non-centrally-contracted players in England right now; but to be on the safe side, perhaps it might just be better to err on the side of caution?

2 thoughts on “NEWS: Second Aussie Sanctioned For Betting On “The Other Game”

  1. I think these cases of betting irregularities are troubling, and disappointing. I’ve always been of the opinion that betting is a bad idea full stop. I’ve never done it, and hopefully never will. Although I’d like to make the argument that the situation may be eased simply by paying the players more, the small sums involved in these cases indicate that this was just for fun. Nevertheless, it is quite serious. As players move from being part timers to employees of their clubs or national boards, some confusion would probably be expected over what exact standards should be adhered to.

    Oh dear…Quite a Twitterstorm with Izzy has been caused! It’s difficult to rationalise Izzy’s Twitter hostility towards CH outside the normal “offended” reactions people have to any article on the internet. But not everyone has blurred lines to work with. I work for a large multinational company and we have to undergo “Conflict of Interest” training every year. We are not allowed to accept gifts from our customers or suppliers. We have to report any and every instance we hear of our company’s products being mentioned in a negative light, outside work. The ombudsman gets involved. And I’m just a minor cog on the wheel. Standards elsewhere are higher.

    I think a case could be made that the Australian players could have had undue influence on the men’s world cup games. They at least had the potential to have closer access to the players involved than most regular non-cricketers. It’s a problem to keep an eye on and not to be dismissed lightly. It sounds like CA need to step up their training regimes and ensure their contracted players are paid enough to discourage temptation to do anything inappropriate.


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