EXCLUSIVE: Kia To Sponsor Super League

CRICKETher understands that Kia are set to be announced as the sponsor of the up-coming Women’s Cricket Super League, which will be known as the Kia Super League, or KSL for short.

The Korean car manufacturer already sponsor the England women’s team, providing the players with cricket-white Kia Sportage’s as part of the deal.

Kia believe that the women’s game provides an ideal synergy with their reach into the so-called “soccer-mom” market; and this extended deal can be considered something of a coup for the ECB in an increasingly challenging sponsorship environment.

One thought on “EXCLUSIVE: Kia To Sponsor Super League

  1. To continue on the theme of the week – the men get to drive Jags and the women get Kia.

    I wonder whether this brings any additional money to the table or is just an expanded marketing link to ensure the retention of Kia, after losing Waitrose?


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