EXCLUSIVE: BBC Commit To Super League Coverage

The BBC have today confirmed to CRICKETher that they are committed to providing ball-by-ball coverage of the inaugural Women’s Cricket Super League, due to take place this August.

TMS producer Adam Mountford has told CRICKETher that the BBC are currently in negotiations with the ECB regarding the precise number of matches which will be broadcast, with exact details to be provided in due course.

The BBC have in recent years shown a broad commitment to showcasing the women’s game, with coverage of every ball of the last four women’s Ashes series, and being the only UK news organisation to have provided coverage of the last three women’s World Cups.

With Sky having not yet committed to showing any of the tournament, this makes the BBC the first confirmed Super League broadcaster – undoubtedly very welcome news indeed.

6 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: BBC Commit To Super League Coverage

  1. The main audience the ECB needs to reach is young female cricketers neither TMS or Sky will reach this demographic.

    Terrestrial TV and cheap tickets are the two biggest opportunities.


  2. Cheap tickets only works once you have the girls interested, tv is essential for that. The game seriously needs a big injection of new players if it is to survive, is the structure ready? are the clubs ready and is the ECB putting support in place for when those girls/women arrive, it’s no good saying to them come back in a few weeks, we have to grab them immediately.


    • Totally agree the ECB should in parallel to the WCSL should be showing a clear pathway and revamping the County age group structure there is a huge gap between U17 and County. By then you’re supposed to have been snapped up by the ECB Academy.


  3. I assume by broadcast, they mean via radio rather than TV. I wonder if Sky chose not to show it, whether there’s any scope at all for the BBC to cover it, probably via the red button. I would imagine that being as it is a time of great financial stress for the beeb, the chances of this happening are slimmer than they could have been, sadly.


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