NEWS: “Logistics” Blamed For TMS Blackout

The confirmation that there will be no radio coverage of England’s final WWT20 group game today in Chennai, was greeted with disappointment by fans, who have been relying on TMS to follow the tournament in a situation where the host TV broadcaster has declined to offer full coverage.

TMS commentator Charles Dagnall tweeted: “logistics mean we can’t get there” – the TMS “B Team” of which Dagnall is part are 300 miles away in Mohali for the Australia v India men’s game, and will also be covering the West Indies v India women’s match there earlier in the day.

Meanwhile the “A Team” (Aggers & Co.) are well over 1,000 miles away in Delhi, after covering England men’s game v Sri Lanka last night.

As is so often the case, there are no easy answers to these conundrums – calling up a “C Team” for just this one match would have been prohibitively expensive – so it is Twitter and a live scorecard for us today… and the hope that one day there will be a WWT20 where fans all over the world can actually enjoy all the games.

2 thoughts on “NEWS: “Logistics” Blamed For TMS Blackout

  1. That is not a logistical problem its poor planning and a lack of focus on the fans (we fund the BBC after all).

    TMS should have planned to cover ALL England games men and womens not India vs Australia


  2. I’m not so much annoyed at the lack of coverage, as it’s thoroughly expected, what annoys me is the pathetic excuses. Just say “we are not covering it because we are covering the men’s game instead (& being as there happens to be a women’s match on at the same place we’ll cover that too)”.


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