LIVE: Kia Super League – England Player Announcements

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20:00 – The Surrey Stars are now front and center of Surrey’s Twitter profile; and tickets are on sale at

12.25 – Interesting to see that at least some KSL teams are charging for match tickets (given that most standalone WBBL games were free entry). Loughborough Lightning tickets are £8 for adults, £1 for U16s; Southern Vipers tickets are £5 for adults and £1 for U17s; and Lancashire Thunder are charging £5 for adults and £1 for U18s.

11:30 – Every team has posted on Twitter this morning with their exciting breaking news, except… go on… guess which one?

10:20 – All 4 Loughborough Lightning players are current or former students at the university.

10:00 – Lots of fans pledging their allegiance today based on their favourite players rather than the location of the team – ECB need to bear this in mind – it is the players that build the emotional connections for the fans – the shirt just re-enforces that.

9:55 – Interesting questions about what happens in next / subsequent years. Retirements (of which we expect at least 3 after 2017) could substantially impact the balance of the KSL- e.g. one team in particular likely to lose two of their 3 England players to retirement after the 2017 World Cup.

9:40 – Tickets for Lancashire Thunder at – click KSL checkbox on the left!

9:35 – Tickets for Southern Vipers at

9:30 – Tickets for Loughborough Lightning available online at

9:12 – Still waiting for an announcement about Surrey Stars on the official @surreycricket Twitter account – we have been holding our breath for 42 minutes now… and we’re getting a bit blue!

9:10 – Western Storm having Knight and Shrubsole is a surprise, though they both have local geographical roots in the south west – but is it “balanced” to have the best T20 bowler in the world and the England vice-captain on the same team?

9:05 – As far as we can see, Loughborough Lightning have not announced a captain. If we were reading too much into this, we might be thinking that this is a further indication that they expect to announce a huge overseas star… and they don’t come huger than Ellyse Perry 😉

9:02 – Captains – Sarah Taylor, Charlotte Edwards, Nat Sciver, Heather Knight, Lauren Winfield.

8:47 – At least as far as the England players go, Southern Vipers are Kent all the way. But expect to see some Berkshire names in later announcements…!

8:46 – Have Loughborough Lightning drawn the short straw? They are the only side with no “marquee” England player… but could their consolation prize be Ellyse Perry, who will be living nearby when she moves to England with her husband this summer?

8:45 – Why no Surrey Stars Twitter account? Apparently they see the Stars and the Surrey men’s side as one club with one Twitter account – a Twitter account that so far doesn’t seem terribly interested in KSL – no mention of today’s announcements yet.

8:40 – Yorkshire Diamonds look a very strong side – based on the Yorkshire team which won last season’s County Championship, with added Jenny Gunn!

Lancashire Thunder

  • Kate Cross
  • Danni Wyatt
  • Sarah Taylor

Loughborough Lightning

  • Becky Grundy
  • Georgia Elwiss
  • Amy Jones
  • Beth Langston

Southern Vipers

  • Charlotte Edwards
  • Tash Farrant
  • Lydia Greenway

Surrey Stars

  • Nat Sciver
  • Laura Marsh
  • Tammy Beaumont

Western Storm

  • Heather Knight
  • Anya Shrubsole
  • Fran Wilson

Yorkshire Diamonds

  • Lauren Winfield
  • Katherine Brunt
  • Dani Hazell
  • Jenny Gunn

8:27 – Follow the teams on Twitter with our Totally Unofficial List!

8:25 – Did the players chose who they wanted to play for? The players were consulted, but ultimately the decisions were made by the ECB in the interests of creating a balanced competition.

8:24 – Do the players know yet? Yes – they have know for several weeks; but they have been asked to keep it quiet!

8:23 – What about the other players? The overseas (international) and England “Academy” players are expected to be announced at a later date.

8:20 – What’s being announced today? Which England contracted players are playing for which teams – each of the six teams are expected to announce 3 (in some cases 4) England contracted players.

8:15 – Welcome to our Live Blog of the KSL England player announcements – we are expecting the news to start coming in at around 8:30am. We’ll start things off with some FAQs…


5 thoughts on “LIVE: Kia Super League – England Player Announcements

  1. It looks like some effort has been made to provide a kind of balance amongst the squads. Yorkshire, with their top bowling attack; Western Storm and Southern Vipers who should both be strong with the bat, are bound to look good on paper, and should be aiming for the finals. Although, Surrey and Lancashire could do well too and benefit from an ideal mix of England players (batter, all-rounder, bowler – with both seam/swing and spin covered). Of course, we will be able to make a better assessment when the rest of the squads are revealed.

    I think that Loughborough could actually be quite successful if they play to their potential – it will certainly be worth keeping an eye on how they perform. With 2 of the England players most unfortunate not to have got more games recently (Jones and Elwiss), and with Grundy seemingly having fallen from favour alongside Marsh’s comeback, these 3 may have something to prove. Jones and Elwiss also have “aesthetically pleasing” batting styles so it will be interesting to see if they maintain these styles or go all out for big slogs & swipes to cow. I hope not. To me, I still have no idea how proficient these 2 players might be at T20. I think Loughborough could be a dark horse though, especially if they land a big name Australian player for example.

    Regarding the tickets and pricing, I think all the teams should charge for tickets. The enterprises should be as self-sustaining as possible. The football WSL prices are around £5-£8 this season and that is just for 90 minutes. So the prices announced are on the lower end of what I’d expect. They are very cheap. I think the majority of fans’ costs will centre around their travel expenses, and these will dwarf the ticket prices anyway. There is also the logic that if you allow free entry, it gives the impression that the quality of the product is not good enough to warrant paying to see it, which I am sure will not be the case. Free entry is OK as a special event or one-off but should not be the norm in my view.


  2. Yes I would hope that Loughborough could shake up the competition with youth. But I do wonder if a squad of 15 will be big enough should injuries strike.

    Whatever pricing structure is used it should be consistent and kids free would’ve been my strategy.

    But its all about the media coverage and I await with interest how Sky cover this major competition if it clashes with their preferred sports and mens games.


  3. Does this represent an equal distribution of players ?
    The following is based on the international T20 performances of the players.

    1. EXPERIENCE (Average Caps Per Player)
    1st Southern Vipers 62.67
    2nd Yorkshire Diamonds 57.25
    3rd Lancashire Thunder 50.67
    4th Surrey Stars 45.00
    5th Western Storm 28.33
    6th Loughborough Lightning 9.50

    1st Southern Vipers 29.67
    2nd Lancashire Thunder 23.78
    3rd Surrey Stars 15.84
    4th Yorkshire Diamonds 13.88
    5th Western Storm 12.45
    6th Loughborough Lightning 7.30

    1st Lancashire Thunder 108.48
    2nd Southern Vipers 103.29
    3rd Western Storm 101.05
    4th Yorkshire Diamonds 95.78
    5th Surrey Stars 94.67
    6th Loughborough Lightning 80.22

    4. BOWLING ECONOMY (runs Per Over)
    1st Western Storm 5.41
    2nd Yorkshire Diamonds 5.43
    3rd Loughborough 5.46
    4th Surrey Stars 5.51
    5th Lancashire Thunder 5.78
    6th Southern Vipers 6.01

    5. BOWLING STRIKE RATE (Balls Per Wicket)
    1st Lancashire Thunder 15.98
    2nd Western Storm 16.18
    3rd Surrey Stars 20.53
    4th Yorkshire Diamonds 21.78
    5th Loughborough Lightning 23.15
    6th Southern Vipers 34.86

    This leads to an overall average ranking of:-

    Lancashire Thunder 2.2
    Yorkshire Diamonds 3.2
    Western Storm 3.2
    Southern Vipers 3.2
    Surrey Stars 3.8
    Loughborough Lightning 5.2

    This suggests that that did a pretty good job with Diamonds, Storm and Vipers and possibly even Stars but they could have switched the odd player (of which Taylor is the stand out case) between Thunder and Lightning to give Lightning a better chance.


  4. Loughborough look to have drawn the short straw here, but this is only 3/4 players from the squad, and maybe the route to go down now is try and give them some marquee overseas players. I think Loughborough have suffered because two franchises were awarded to the North, where there aren’t enough England players to go round. Loughborough are the Midlands team in the SL, but players traditionally based at midland counties (Gunn and Wyatt) have been forced into Lancs/Yorks to make up the numbers. One would assume that one of the four other captains announced for these teams would be Edwards’ heir apparent? It probably reinforces my belief that Knight is the favourite, even if she hardly looks international class over the past 12 months.


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