NEWS: Surrey Defend Social Media Strategy

Surrey CCC have defended their social media strategy, following criticism yesterday that they appeared to have ignored the Kia Super League player announcements.

Surrey came under fire for their decision not to host a dedicated Twitter feed for Surrey Stars, and then for not Tweeting about the announcements during the morning, when there was a significant social media push from all the other teams.

However, Surrey’s Communications Manager Jon Surtees spoke to CRICKETher last night, assuring us:

“None of your concerns will be borne out over time. Indeed I hope we will be seen to be leading the way with promotion of the competition and our team.”

On the issue of the “joint” Twitter account, Surtees points to the other side of the coin: that it means they are able to leverage an existing social media presence with over a quarter of million subscribers across the various platforms – Twitter, Facebook, email, etc.. Indeed, a quick check on Twitter bears this out: the @SurreyCricket account has 46,000 followers… the other five “dedicated” KSL accounts have just over 3,000 between them!

And on the decision to hold off on social media promotion during the day, Surtees told us:

“Our Twitter and Facebook accounts have been ‘taken over’ with Stars branding and advertisements this evening – the time when our stats tell us our social media is most effective.”

Finally, Surtees promised that the women’s county team (which of course, is not the same thing as the KSL team, featuring mostly an entirely different set of players) would also benefit from an improved marketing presence this year.

With both the Stars and the “county” team scheduled to play games at The Kia Oval this season it will be interesting to see how this translates into “bums on seats”, and we certainly wouldn’t bet against them being among the best-attended matches of the summer.

One thought on “NEWS: Surrey Defend Social Media Strategy

  1. Each of the WBBL teams established its own Twitter account, but the existing account for the corresponding BBL team often posted content about the WBBL team – and cross-promoted the WBBL account as well. (I realise the KSL situation, without pre-existing franchises, is somewhat different)

    Those WBBL accounts have continued to post even after the end of the tournament, e.g. about player-of-the-tournament awards for their teams.


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