Kia Super League Squads – Facts & Figures

Age Old Questions

  • The average age of a KSL player is 24.
  • Lancashire Thunder have both the oldest (Laura Newton, 38) and youngest (Sophie Ecclestone, 16) players.
  • Southern Vipers are the oldest team (average age 25).
  • Lancashire Thunder are the youngest team (average age 23).

Counting The Counties

  • Sussex, Yorkshire, Kent and Lancashire have the most KSL players – 8 each.
  • Of the D1 counties, Staffordshire have the fewest players – just 2 – Eve Jones and Steph Butler.
  • Aside from the overseas players, three players didn’t play county or other top-level cricket in 2015 – Laura Newton, Arran Brindle and Rosalie Fairbairn (née Birch) – in the latter two cases, due to maternity.

Role Play

Based on the player’s primary role for the current county or country, there are:

  • 35 bowlers.
  • 25 all-rounders.
  • 22 batsmen.
  • 8 wicket keepers.

4 thoughts on “Kia Super League Squads – Facts & Figures

  1. Not as high as I feared it might be, but I still think there needs to be a new strategy for the next generation of players.

    How about an U19 feeder team for each ‘host’?


  2. If you weren’t aware Rosalie Fairbairn (nee Birch) has played for Devon for the past three years, missed last season as she was having a baby!


  3. Re. Role Play
    I’m not sure how the figure of 37 bowlers and only 21 batsmen was reached. By my reckoning there are 35 batsmen, 21 bowlers and 34 all rounders There may be some debate about who is an all-rounder, and whether bowling all-rounders count as bowlers for instance, but this still seems strange. Although I have counted wicket keepers as batsmen (there are 11 players who could definitely fulfil wicket keeping duties and not just the 8 mentioned). I do doubt the 21 batsmen figure though – if you were making a squad of 15, would you include only 3.5 batsmen?


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