Kia Super League: Thunder & Lightning Are Twop of the Twitts!

The Kia Super League might still be 3 months away, but off the pitch the battle is already hotting-up online between the marketing teams of the five* Twittering franchises hosts.

As a bit of fun we’ve powered-up the super-computer, run the big numbers, and calculated a sophisticated(!) “Impact Score” for each of the five* official Twitter accounts. (List here!)

Team Followers Tweets Impact Score
Lancashire Thunder 1,084 353 382,652
Loughborough Lightning 679 237 160,923
Yorkshire Diamonds 1,247 66 82,302
Southern Vipers 751 49 36,799
Western Storm 605 43 26,015

It’s early days of course, but already it is looking like Lancashire Thunder might have this one sewn up… unless Loughborough Lightning can pull something out of the bag? Or perhaps it will be Yorkshire Diamonds making a late run for the (ahem…!) Twitle?

More seriously though… kudos to the folks at Lancashire and Loughborough. The Super League will only be a success over the longer-term if it connects with the fans and Twitter is a great way of making that happen – keep up the good work guys!


* Surrey don’t have an independent “Surrey Stars” Twitter account, so we’ve put them aside for the purpose of this analysis!

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