Random Thoughts: England v Pakistan 1st T20

England’s Batting

It was another impressive performance from Tammy Beaumont, though both her and Lauren Winfield rode some luck early on. I guess that the only disappointment was that the world record highest women’s international T20 score (205) looked to be within reach, but England fell just a few short with 187, as some tight death bowling kept Sciver and Knight in check at the end.

England’s Bowling

It feels churlish to criticise such a crushing victory, but England were not great with the ball, and a better side would have punished them. England seem to have been working on their slower balls in particular… and they need to keep on working on them, because they were somewhat undercooked. In the field too, England were a bit lax towards the end, albeit after the game was already de facto won.

Sophie Ecclestone

Last Sunday, we saw Ecclestone playing at Wokingham Cricket Club for Lancashire in the T20 Cup. A week later, she was taking her first international wicket for England. And it was a tidy debut – 12 dots in 24 balls, and the wicket was actually probably the worst ball she bowled, ironically.

Tash Farrant

We were surprised not to see Farrant. England obviously went for the experience of Jenny Gunn over her, but it felt like a very conservative decision, and the doctrine of youth obviously only goes so far.


Though they were thrashed again, Pakistan did look a different side today – brighter in the field, better with the ball, especially at the death, and more positive with the bat. Not getting bowled out was a small victory in what is turning into a tough, tough tour for them.

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: England v Pakistan 1st T20

  1. If it feels churlish to criticise it probably is! But having said that, the latest trend I’ve seen from the haters (not that they ever really come up with anything new) is to claim that the bowling in women’s cricket is particularly bad, a claim that seems to ignore that fact that traditionally scores have been much much lower than in men’s cricket, therefore meaning that it was batting not bowling that had the problem.

    Clear thinking is not their forte. The truth is of course that these things are always in delicate balance. Batting appears to be going through a resurgence at the moment with all these records being smashed – this won’t continue forever, it is simply a matter of time before bowlers adapt and work out how to drag things back a bit.

    Back in 2012 when England (who were supposed to be better back then) played Pakistan (who were supposed to be worse back then) in a home iT20 series Pakistan couldn’t even score into the 90’s. And England only got a 160s score once, and took almost 16 overs to get 90 in the other game…so this series is definitely looking to be more exciting. Personally, I think the new-look England does have a lot more appeal, although it would be nice to have Colvin et al back…

    I guess the most obvious reason why England didn’t play both Farrant and Ecclestone is that with one debutant on show MR didn’t want another inexperienced bowler as well. But he had already intentionally turned down a lot of experience for this series. So, it is fair to accuse this tactic of being “safe” in half measure because if experience was really what we wanted, Edwards would still be playing. I think the last 2 games have more chance of featuring both young bowlers, although Gunn did bowl quite well today.

    On the evidence I’ve seen so far (and I know you at CH are massive Hartley fans), sorry to say this but Ecclestone does look to have an edge on Hartley for me. She’s steady and a good complement for Hazell. Maybe the best hope for both the new bowlers is that one plays in ODIs and the other in iT20s?


  2. First chance to watch “New England” in the flesh, as it were. Very impressed with the positive mindset in the batting, although I am tempted to wonder how good it is for nos. 5-11 for TB and LW to keep racking up these big partnerships!

    The bowling had a definite feel of a team knowing, absolutely knowing for certain, that the game could not be lost, and using it as an extended practice session. That’s not to be critical, but it did lead to one or two strange looking slower balls from Brunt in particular that came into the “only just made it to the other end” category! And as for Jenny Gunn’s slower ball full toss…

    Liked the look of Ecclestone. With a youngster on debut I only ever look for one thing and that’s their temperament. Not so much interested in the performance as how much they look “at home” or not. How do they respond to a poor ball (she only bowled one and took a wicket with it!), or getting away with it after a poor shot when batting? Does it throw them off track or do they keep their composure? She ticked those boxes for me.

    Having batted first in the last three games, given the choice I would like to see England chase next time. I wouldn’t suggest it as a “game-plan” but if Pakistan could get 140-ish and then have England 30-4 we (and MR too) might learn more than we have done from the last three maulings.

    That said, I thought Pakistan could take a lot more out of this game. No, they didn’t threaten a win, but there was improvement, and that’s all they can look for on this tour.


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