In Their Own Words: England v Pakistan – 3rd T20

Lauren Winfield:

There were a few criticisms of the team after the World T20 – do you think you’ve answered those?

It was an important series for us, to not only win 6-0 but the way in which we’ve gone about those runs. It’s about being ruthless and playing the brand of cricket that we want to play, which is to win by big margins. So it’s not necessarily just about the wins, it’s how we’ve played that’s been most pleasing.

Is ruthlessness a personality trait?

I’m a very ambitious and driven person so it was really tough for me not going to the [T20] World Cup. But it was an opportunity to go away from the game and say: ‘Right – where am I going here? What kind of role do I want to play for England and how on earth am I going to get there?’

I was obviously aware that changes were occurring within the team and opportunities were opening up, so I worked exceptionally hard within that period and now it’s really nice to be contributing a little bit more to England wins. It’s something that I’ve not done previously as consistently as I’d like, but hopefully long may it continue.

Are you and Tammy Beaumont sick of the sight of each other?

Me and Tammy have played a lot of cricket together – we opened together at university, and we actually used to compete against each other for opening spots. But we’re growing as a partnership and learning more about each other, both on and off the field.

I think something we’ve done really well “as a group” this summer is having lots of cricket conversations away from the game – learning about how people operate under pressure and what various members of the team need from each other and at what times. It’s been a real good learning curve for us – we’ve got a better understanding of each other as a group and hopefully that’s been shown in our cricket as well.

How do you and Tammy complement each other?

We hit different areas – if you look at the game today, our wagon wheels are quite opposite, so that’s always nice as an opening partnership and it is difficult for oppositions to be setting fields and getting bowlers to try and execute plans, if you are hitting opposite areas

Also I think we both love batting – we want to be out in the middle and we want to be the ones putting our hand up. Going out there as openers, you’ve got the longest time to bat – you know when you are going to bat, and it is just about taking those opportunities.

You certainly enjoyed the PowerPlay?

That’s how I like to play my cricket – I like to be aggressive and I never want to be in a position where I feel like I’m under pressure from the bowler – I always want to try and counter that onto the bowlers. My job within this team in T20 cricket is to lay the foundation and get the team off to a good start, so that’s what I’m looking to do every time I bat.

One thought on “In Their Own Words: England v Pakistan – 3rd T20

  1. Just a general thought on the six games as a whole…

    It’s easy to forget that only two weeks ago there were genuine fears for England’s batting in particular given what happened at the WT20 and the absences of Edwards, Taylor and Greenway.

    With hindsight that seems ridiculous now but whilst the shortcomings of the visitors mean that a certain caution is still necessary, that shouldnt detract from the progress made by the team and many of those in it.


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