Laura Wright Heroes Single Released At KSL Launch Party

Heroes – the anthem for England women’s cricket, written and performed by Laura Wright – has been released as a single and is available now for download now on all other major music stores.

Laura performed Heroes last night at the Kia Super League Launch Party in Manchester, in front of everyone who is anyone in cricket… and us!!

The evening also brought us face-to-face with the beautiful KSL trophy for the first time.

3 thoughts on “Laura Wright Heroes Single Released At KSL Launch Party

  1. Is underwhelming too strong a comment on the media efforts of the ECB for the first season of WSL competition? After the big fanfare a drip feed of news and now with just over a week to go. the WSL is only making the headlines for who isn’t playing.

    No problem with the ‘Launch Party’ being held in Manchester but surly this shouldve served as a media and fan friendly event?

    I’m sure your ‘in’ cricket line is said very tongue in cheek. But that’s how it feels an in joke for an exclusive club.


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