2 MINUTES WITH… Sophie Devine

Throughout the Kia Super League, we’ll be featuring short interviews with players, coaches & other interesting people we find around and about at the grounds. Yesterday’s top-scorer and Loughborough Lightning all-rounder Sophie Devine, who made 52 against Diamonds and became the first six-hitter in the competition, is the first up to answer our quick-fire questions…

If not Loughborough, who would you like to win?

I don’t even know! I’d probably say the Vipers because they’re pretty much half of New Zealand anyway…

Justin Bieber or One Direction?

Neither! No comment! Are we going to talk about serious music? Someone that can actually sing?!

Who would you like to see playing in KSL that isn’t?

We were talking about Karen Rolton [former Aussie superstar batsman who’s just been elected to the ICC Hall of Fame] the other day…she could whack a ball on these boundaries!

Which sportswoman/women do you admire outside cricket?

New Zealand are pretty lucky, we’ve got so many strong sporting females. It’s incredible. Valerie Adams [Olympic shot putter], Sarah Walker [BMX racer], Lisa Carrington [flatwater canoer]. They’re absolute machines, and back home they’re more well-known than some of the blokes that are going to the Olympics. They’re awesome to watch from afar and see what they’re doing conquering the world. You’ve got to remember that New Zealand’s a little wee small country, so to see them smashing everyone else, especially England, is always nice.

Favourite cricket ground?

Definitely in England it’s got to be Lords. Probably back home the Basin Reserve’s right up there.

Favourite thing on the menu in Nandos?

I haven’t been to Nandos in 10 years! I’m an athlete, I don’t eat at Nandos, only salads!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I’ll probably try and still be playing. People will be trying to give me the elbow to get lost, but hopefully I’ll be involved in cricket in some shape or form, whether it’s coaching or managing. I just love this game too much to do anything outside it!

Where do you see women’s cricket in 10 years?

Seeing some of the New Zealand girls playing overseas and making a career of it is really exciting. We speak a lot about wanting to be a household name within New Zealand, and it’s probably the same anywhere. if you know that you’re doing well and you’re succeeding then people are going to want to watch, and people are going to want to follow you, so that’s something that I know we’re really big on – making sure that we become one of those household names in sport.