Short Thoughts: KSL Storm v Stars

Storm v Stars Worm

This match was a case-study in not giving up. The Storm looked dead and buried at least twice.

First, at the end of the 4th over, with the Storm at 17-3, and with Rachel Priest, Heather Knight and Fran Wilson all back in the dugout, you’d have put your money on the Stars 100% – the Storm were dead and buried.

Then, with the Storm having somehow clawed things back to parity by the end of the 13th over, thanks to some powerful hitting in a 75 run partnership between Lizelle Lee and Stafanie Taylor, the Storm lost Lee at the start of the 14th, and proceeded to score just 3 runs for the loss for the loss of 2 wickets in following 2 overs, leaving them staring at a Required Rate of over 14. Having come back to life… presumably as zombies… the Storm were dead and buried once more – Surrey just couldn’t lose it all over again… could they?

That they did was down to a number of things – Stafanie Taylor keeping her cool, finding the boundary 7 times in the last 3 overs; Sophie Luff (whose game would really be much better suited to Tests… which she’ll probably never get to play) keeping her cool in supporting Taylor and giving up the strike; and some frankly pretty woeful fielding from the Stars – the latter probably actually the most important factor overall – if they had fielded better, the Stars would have won this game.

Afterwards, Stafanie Taylor reflected upon the impact her dropping Nat Sciver had on her mindset going into bat:

“The type of player that I am, it was horrible for me actually to be in the field and not take those catches and not get it right. So when I came off I sat in the dressing room and I just had a moment to myself, thinking: ‘I have to contribute to this team, I really have to – it doesn’t matter about what happened, but I have to give it my all and just go out there and do my best’.”

2 thoughts on “Short Thoughts: KSL Storm v Stars

  1. “Having come back to life… presumably as zombies… the Storm were dead and buried once more” 😂 Undead Post-Zombie stormers! Love the imagery…

    Seriously though, what a game. Taylor had a bad day at the office against Lightning but came back exceptionally well with the bat here.

    I thought Storm would be a strong side, so part of me is glad they managed to win this, although after what Sciver managed to do it was incredibly harsh for her to be on the losing side. I think Storm thought they could do it as well. Storm have a lot of collective mental strength, and for this game they had to use every ounce of it.

    It makes the Stars-Thunder clash on Tuesday a must-win for both sides!


  2. What a turn-around in a game of cricket! The scorecard reveals an interesting angle – take a look at the strike rates of the Storm batsmen who made more than a single – the slowest is a flat 100! Now check the Stars – quite a contrast. Nat Scivers SR of 200 rescues the team’s as a whole.

    And really Mr Egan – Sophie Luff’s 21 from 14 (SR 150) is Test cricket rate? You really will have upset Mr Boycott (Geoffrey of that clan). His head must be spinning…


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