NEWS: White Ferns Double Their Money

New Zealand Cricket have announced that they have reached agreement with the New Zealand Cricket Players Association on new central contracts for the White Ferns women’s team, which will offer more players a lot more money. Combined with the opportunity to play in overseas leagues such as WBBL, this will bring many of the squad much closer to full time professional status.

Previously 10 New Zealand players were on retainers of up to NZD $10,000, which when combined with match fees could bring their income up to around NZD $25,000.

The new contracts cover 15 players, with a retainer of between NZD $20,000 and up to NZD $34,000, and match fees of NZD $400 for ODIs and $300 for T20s, which will see the top players earning well over NZD $40,000, even before WBBL etc..

As a point of comparison New Zealand’s minimum wage for adults is around NZD $32,000, so CRICKETher’s apocryphal Ferrari dealer again isn’t going to get too excited; but especially for the players who currently are outside of the retainer structure, this is going to be a literally life-changing opportunity to put cricket first, which can only be for the good of the wider game both in New Zealand and more generally.