STATS: KSL Batting Rankings

Player Runs Strike Rate
1. Stafanie Taylor (WS) 220 128
2. Nat Sciver (SS) 181 134
3. Suzie Bates (SV) 180 113
4. Heather Knight (WS) 141 123
5. Amy Satterthwaite (LT) 146 103
6. Tammy Beaumont (SS) 139 103
7. Ellyse Perry (LL) 126 113
8. Dane van Niekerk (LL) 112 123
9. Alex Blackwell (YD) 111 116
10. Emma Lamb (LT) 122 104

Ranking = Runs * Strike Rate

It is no surprise to see our batting rankings dominated by the big international stars, including the captains of West Indies, New Zealand, England and South Africa.

Stafanie Taylor leads the field, though she actually started the competition slowly with scores of 14 and 9 against the Thunder and the Lightning; before following that up with two huge half-centuries (74* and 78*) against the Stars and the Vipers, and a 45 versus the Diamonds.

The only non-international player to make the Top 10 is Lancashire Thunder’s Emma Lamb. Her highest score in the KSL was “just” 34, but she has made the list because she was very consistent – she had just one score below 25 in the whole competition, and even that was a “double figures” – a 10 v the Diamonds.

6 thoughts on “STATS: KSL Batting Rankings

  1. An interesting list – especially the player included who is not (yet) an international. If this tournament is (partly) for the development of younger players, this youngster must be one to look at very seriously. As no doubt, would be a number of others were the list extended. How about a “Top 20”?


    • The next 10 were..
      11. Winfield
      12. Amy Jones
      13. McGlashan
      14. Eve Jones
      15. Brindle
      17. Bryony Smith
      18. Mooney
      19. Scholfield
      20. Dottin


  2. Who do we therefore think could fill England batting places as new caps? It just seems a bit like the established internationals dominated the scorecards somewhat. Perhaps the biggest find was Linsey Smith, but she’s a bowler and England really need batters. I know Lancashire Thunder were statistically the worst side, but I imagine they weren’t the only team fielding players who batted low down and didn’t bowl? Rumours suggest the ECB wants to expand to 9 franchises when personally I wonder if 6 is 1 too many? Favourite to get another slot I understand is Essex, supported by other East Anglian counties.


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  4. To get a better view on which batsmen in T20 have performed best one has to measure 2 dimensions – probably average and scoring rate – and the best batsmen are those in the top right hand quadrant (if you imagine average down one axis and scoring rate along the other). Having just a good average or a good scoring rate is not sufficient in T20.
    A good guide is the 20/15 rule. To be above an average of 20 at an average of 15 balls would be right in the top right hand corner.
    The other benefit is that even players batting down the order (which are never going to get into any aggregate run top 10) can get into the top right hand quadrant.


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