NEWS: Kent Win Women’s County Championship

Although the table on Play Cricket is definitely wrong at the time of writing (the bonus points aren’t right) it looks like results yesterday mean that Kent have won the Women’s County Championship for the 7th time.

(Update: The correct table is here on Cricket Archive, which confirms that our numbers below are right.)

Kent had the day off yesterday, but both their closest challengers lost – Sussex to Berkshire and Warwickshire to Middlesex – meaning Kent’s lead is now unassailable.

This means a One Day and T20 “double” for Kent, and a unique “triple” for Charlotte Edwards, Suzie Bates, Lydia Greenway and Tash Farrant, who also won the Kia Super League with the Southern Vipers.

So it will be “trebles all round” and another trip to Buckingham Palace for Edwards and co… though it will be interesting to see if it is with the Vipers or with Kent, now that the County Champs is probably no longer considered the “premier” women’s domestic competition.

Mathsy stuff follows…

(We have double checked it, and we think it is correct!!)

Kent currently have 116 points from 7 completed games, with one to play, meaning the worst average they can finish with is 14.5 [1].

Warwickshire have 62* points from 5 games with one to play, so the best they can finish with is 13.3 [2].

Sussex have 63* points from 5 games with two to play, meaning the best they can end up with is 14.1 [3].


* Including the bonus points which we think are missing on Play Cricket! (Update: Cricket Archive agrees with us.)

[1] 116 + 0 = 116 / 8 = 14.5

[2] 62 + 18 = 80 / 6 = 13.3

[3] 63 + 18 + 18 = 99 / 7 = 14.1

5 thoughts on “NEWS: Kent Win Women’s County Championship

  1. Cricket Archive (well organised table with NRR) is light years better than Play Cricket. The presentation of information in the Play Cricket tables is garbage, I mean utter garbage. Why on earth would one care about the breakdown of Home and Away when teams don’t play each other home and away ? Wouldn’t points be a good idea, wouldn’t NRR be a good idea ?. The fact it is called ‘Team Statistics’ means it is no more than a very crude dump of win and loss data with no intelligence (such as translating this into points) behind it so its really not trying to be a table at all. Furthermore it is clearly not competition specific – so the site displays team stats in exactly the same format regardless of the competition.
    There are plenty of software options out there, many free, that would allow not only decent table formatting but also drill-downs (eg double click on a team name in the table and it lists the results, double click on a result and it displays the scorecard, double click on a player on the scorecard and it lists the player’s performance statistics) …… yes I know, stopping complaining and get on with it !!


  2. Many congratulations to Kent on winning a record 7th Championshi
    Title.Absolutely delighted for Charlotte Edwards and Lydia Greenway in particular –both in the top 10 run scorers in County Champs and T20 Tournament–Greenway also took the most catches in both Tournaments with 12 in total.Fantastic for them both to be in the victorious Southern Vipers team for the inaugural WSL,Congratulations.


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