STATS: Women’s County Championship Bowling Rankings

Player Wickets Economy
1. Megan Belt (Kent) 16 2.63
2. Katie Thompson (Yorkshire) 12 2.23
3. Charlotte Pape (Kent) 14 2.66
4. Tash Farrant (Kent) 15 3.24
5. Georgia Elwiss (Sussex) 15 3.26
6. Holly Huddleston (Middlesex) 12 2.63
7. Heather Knight (Berkshire) 11 2.69
8. Laura Marsh (Kent) 11 2.81
9. Suzie Bates (Kent) 9 2.38
10. Rebecca Grundy (Warwickshire) 11 3.05
11. Katie Levick (Yorkshire) 10 2.97
12. Cecily Scutt (Surrey) 14 4.31
13. Alex Hartley (Middlesex) 8 2.47
14. Hannah Jones (Surrey) 13 4.51
15. Georgia Davis (Warwickshire) 9 3.21
16. Amanda Potgieter (Berkshire) 9 3.23
17. Linsey Smith (Berkshire) 6 2.52
18. Georgia Hennessy (Warwickshire) 9 3.91
19. Lorraine Szczepanski (Somerset) 6 2.66
20. Millie Pope (Middlesex) 7 3.17

Ranking = Wickets / Economy

The star of this year’s Division 1 50-Over County Championship bowling rankings is Kent’s 18-year-old off-spinner Megan Belt, with 16 wickets at a fantastic economy rate of just 2.63. If you were following the Kia Super League you might remember Belt from… oh… no… hang on… amazingly she wasn’t selected for Super League – so if there aren’t six KSL coaches out there right now, kicking themselves sharply in the shins… then they jolly well should be!

There is actually a serious point here – the KSL teams undeniably gravitated towards “local” players – you were more likely to get picked for Surrey Stars if you were a Surrey player, more likely to get picked for Lancashire Thunder if you were a Lancashire player, etc. etc.; and whilst this is understandable, it did means some very good players like Belt missed-out when on pure merit they probably really deserved to get a game.

Anyway… Belt’s response has certainly been the right one – she has made the best case she can for inclusion next season, and if someone doesn’t snap her up, they won’t be kicking themselves… we’ll be doing it for them!

Meanwhile at No. 6, Middlesex’s overseas pace-bowler, New Zealander Holly Huddleston, is another who has her eye on next season… but in her case it is the 2017 World Cup that is the prize. Huddleston, who from the boundary looked like the quickest bowler we saw in the County Championship this year, played a handful of internationals in 2014/15 but was unable to establish herself in the side, and wasn’t selected for the World T20s; but her performances at 50-over in England seem to have been instrumental in earning her a recall to the White Fens squad just in time for the run-up to 2017.

Finally at No. 16, someone we sadly won’t be seeing next year is Amanda “Steamer” Potgieter, who is off to start a new life in New Zealand. In 14 years which brought her to Berkshire via Hampshire and Surrey, she has been a stalwart with both bat and ball, all whilst juggling a full time career in the armed forces; and she’ll be much-missed not just on the field, but as part of the wider women’s cricket community – we wish her well!