NEWS: ECB Back Down On KSL-50

The ECB have announced that a 50-over Kia Super League, which was expected to take place next summer alongside the T20 competition, will NOT now go ahead in 2017.

The ECB statement we have received states that:

“As we start to map out the 2017 schedule ahead of the ICC Women’s World Cup, we also firmly believe that we must factor in sufficient time for the women’s county 50-over competition and for club cricket.”

The decision has been reached as part of the ongoing review of the inaugural T20 competition, in which the ECB is talking to the six hosts as well as players and partners.

CRICKETher understands that there had been some significant disquiet amongst the counties, who feared that a 50-over Super League would leave the Women’s County Championship unviable due to limited player availability and scheduling constraints.

The 2017 season already looks to be congested, with the World Cup due to take place in July, and it was unclear how a 50-over KSL competition could be fitted in around existing domestic commitments. One proposal, to hold a 50-over KSL in May, would have led to severe shortage of players, given that many have work / educational commitments during that period.

It is as yet unclear whether a 50-over KSL will go ahead in 2018.

8 thoughts on “NEWS: ECB Back Down On KSL-50

  1. Sensible decision in a way. There was just too much on next year. Although there won’t be a World Cup in England every year, I still think the same issues will arise in 12 months time, i.e. how to fit club, county and SL into the season, and it still seems like putting a quart in a pint pot. Long term the ECB needs to decide whether county or SL is the way forward at 50 over level, you just can’t do both!


  2. Agreed, trying to launch the 50 over KSL and have a World Cup was a recipe for disaster. Maybe the ECB read this site.
    Whether they go ahead in the future we shall see – I still think you could just abolish the County qualification requirements to get a similar effect.


  3. This was a no-brainer decision but given the ECB don’t always make these type of decisions etc etc. Connor stuck her neck out over the T20 KSL and she is to be applauded for that and this decision.
    This is step in the right direction. Just need them to take that next step now which is realising franchise 50 over cricket won’t work (or if it does I’d like to see Australia prove it first!).


  4. The right decision and one that allays fears for the 2017 season.

    The structure for the future of the game still needs revamping, the creation of the host team academy’s is a way to link youth development with the WSL but how this will work with the existing counties and clubs is unclear.

    The ECB initiative to boost womens and girls participation is still eagerly awaited and will have to make the most of the world cup next summer.


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  6. ECB director of women’s cricket Clare Connor said: “It had been our intention to introduce a 50-over version of the Super League in 2017, but the success of the first edition of the T20 competition has given us a new lens to reassess this.”

    Clare Conner you really shouldve been a politician or spin doctor!


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