Random Thoughts: West Indies v England 3rd ODI

England’s Batting

  • It was a battling batting performance from Lauren Winfield (79) and Nat Sciver (58) which set England up for the win – it wasn’t easy out there, but they fought hard for their runs and England reaped the reward.
  • Having said that… from where England were at the 40-over mark, they should really have been looking at a score closer to 240. But once again they lost their last few wickets rapidly – going from 208-6 to 220 all out. While this wasn’t a disaster, it does reinforce our point from the other day that the fragility of England’s tail is being exposed for the first time under the Nouveau Régime.

West Indies’ Fielding

  • Dire!
  • (Enough said!)

England’s Bowling

  • It was confirmed today that Anya Shrubsole will be out for the rest of the tour. Are England missing her? Yes. There’s a reason why Nat Sciver (despite being originally selected by England as a bowler back in 2013) is these days a batsman-who-bowls rather than a bowler-who-bats – she looks a bit out of her depth opening the bowling at this level and England will be really hoping Beth Langston will be fit for the remaining ODIs.
  • Someone else England have been missing is Jenny Gunn. Just when her critics write her off… back she bounces, showing you exactly why she’s England’s leading wicket-taker in ODIs, finishing here with 2 wickets for just 8 runs off only 5 overs.

England’s Fielding

  • England were very professional in the field – the run out of Merissa Aguilleira by Danni Wyatt was a case in point – get to the ball… get it in… and you never know! Aguilleira was thinking about a second run, assuming she had plenty of time to change her mind, but Wyatt pushed and Aguilleira found herself well out of her ground when the throw whizzed in.

The Live-Stream

  • Awesome!
  • (Enough said!)

9 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: West Indies v England 3rd ODI

  1. How does a country that can’t even run a basic web stream win the right to hold the 2018 Womens’ World T20 Cup ?


  2. Nice performance by England today, really enjoyed it, and the live stream was much better than before (disregarding the power cuts etc)!


  3. at least WI they can organise a livestream of a cricket match, never seen an england one… plus some pretty reasonable commentary, that I preferred to TMS shouty man! The breaks typical of their infrastructure, but better than available of SA tour i.e. zip!


  4. It might improve our performance over the last 15 or so overs of an ODI if we stick to conventional shots. There was 5 or 6 an over out there begging to be taken in singles and twos. Winfield and Sciver looked like they had adopted this approach until …….. a wicket was lost to an unconventional shot (granted its a bit tough on Moose given she’d clocked up 79 but there was a century there for the taking – no wonder she looked so racked off at getting out).


  5. Great win by the girls. Brilliant match winning partnership by Winfield and Sciver and all the bowlers were outstanding.
    Any team would miss Scrubsole as she is one of the best in the world and would have exploited the humid conditions the TMS boys told us about.
    Who would you bring Langston in for Syd?


    • Interesting question – I think it would have to be Jenny Gunn – I know she was really good yesterday, but England need two “opening” bowlers – West Indies did’t capitalise yesterday, but they really should have done – takes so much pressure off.


  6. Interesting dilemma. I think I would have to keep the same team especially with Jen having bowled so well. Credit to Knight for making the correct call yesterday in bringing her in in front of Eccleston, Hazel and Langston. It certainly was a master stroke.


  7. I think the fact both teams are struggling at the end of the innings tells us more about how hard it is to bat once the ball is old on these wickets.
    England averaged 5 an over in the last 10 which in the context of the game is ok. Yes they lost wickets and maybe they were a bit greedy going for to many big shots but with Gunn at 9 I don’t really see it as a long tail.


    • No need to change this team after yesterday’s bowling performance. The only thing required is for Danni Wyatt and 7 – 11 to play conventionally whatever the score when England are 4 down. One run on the board counts double at Sabina Park and the West Indies girls are bowling two bad balls an over on average.


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