NEWS: ICC India v Pakistan Ruling – India Forfeit Points + NRR – World Cup Qualifiers Confirmed

The ICC’s Technical Committee has ruled that India are responsible for not playing their Women’s International Championship series with Pakistan – awarding Pakistan all 6 points, and mandating that India’s Net Run Rate be adjusted to award 0 runs from 50 overs in each of the 3 “missing” matches.

The series was supposed to have been played earlier this year, with Pakistan hosting; but the BCCI are currently unwilling to participate in bilateral series with Pakistan, in either the men’s or women’s games, due to the ongoing geopolitical situation between the two countries, and India are understood to have simply never replied to Pakistan’s invitation to play the matches in the UAE.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the BCCI are reportedly not happy with the outcome, and according to the web site, are making threatening noises about the (men’s) Champions Trophy, also taking place in England next summer, with a BCCI spokesperson quoted as saying: “If ICC does not backtrack, the men’s team in solidarity with our women’s team won’t play in [the] Champions Trophy.”

Assuming that the decision is upheld, it confirms the final standings in the Women’s International Championship, with Australia, England, New Zealand and the West Indies going directly to the World Cup in England next year; whilst South Africa, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka will join Ireland and Scotland, plus Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea and Thailand, in a qualifying tournament in Sri Lanka next February to decide the other 4 teams who will compete in England.

One thought on “NEWS: ICC India v Pakistan Ruling – India Forfeit Points + NRR – World Cup Qualifiers Confirmed

  1. Given that :-
    (1) Law 21.3 clearly states that a match is forfeited if a team refuses to play.
    (2) Even if the ICC shared the points, India would still not be in top 4 because West Indies would be placed above them on number of wins.
    does anyone know the reason why the BCCI feel this is an inappropriate decision.


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