Women’s County Championship Finale – What They Need To Do!

Team Played Won Lost Points
Yorkshire 6 5 1 94
Warwickshire 6 5 1 93
Lancashire 6 4 2 81
Notts 6 3 3 70
Sussex 6 3 3 61
Middlesex 6 2 4 58
Kent 6 2 4 53
Berkshire 6 0 6 23

NB – Because there have been no cancelled games in Div 1 this season (amazingly!) “Average” points won’t come into it, so we’ve shown total points for clarity; but technically it is average points that count.

At The Top

At the top of the table, either Yorkshire or Warwickshire (or even Lancashire at a pinch) could win it.

  • Yorkshire, playing Notts – Equal (or better) Warwickshire’s result.
  • Warwickshire, playing Lancashire – Better Yorkshire’s result but more than one point. (If they are equal on points, Yorkshire win because they won the game between them yesterday.)
  • Lancashire, playing Warwickshire – Win big and hope Yorkshire lose big.

At The Bottom

At the bottom, one of Kent, Middlesex and Sussex will accompany Berkshire down to Div 2 next season.

  • Kent, playing Berkshire – Win… probably! (It is technically possible that they could win and still go down, if they somehow contrived to get a lot fewer bonus points than the loser of Sussex v Middlesex.)
  • Middlesex, playing Sussex – Win, or hope Kent lose!
  • Sussex, playing Middlesex – Ditto – win, or hope Kent lose!