LIVE COVERAGE: England v South Africa, 2nd ODI (Hove)

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Post-Match Analysis

2 thoughts on “LIVE COVERAGE: England v South Africa, 2nd ODI (Hove)

  1. Excellent game and I generally agree with your analyses…much better performance from England with the bat. They played nice and straight early on then opened up later when the gaps appeared. Beaumont manipulated the ball around at will and Taylor was absolutely brilliant too. She’s a player that although she hardly ever hits sixes and not that many fours, with the fluid way she bats; punches, flicks, paddles and reverses and being constantly on the move in the crease- is just so good to watch! That’s also two on the spin for England in the field, they kept it tight and didn’t make many mistakes. Ecclestone’s recovery into her comeback spell was amazing too. After a drop in the field and a couple of fumbles, she was whacked for a couple of sixes by Lee, and could have easily crumbled, but found the composure to get back in the game in some style. I was a bit worried there for a while while Lee and Tryon were making hay but I feel that they were SA’s best hopes, and probably both needed hundreds – 332 was always too many for the others to have chased. Whereas with England I feel on another day it could have been Knight, Sciver etc who got the same runs. Now England just need to make sure that they put together another similar performance at Canterbury – warning, that ground doesn’t have all the best memories for some of these players!


  2. Good stuff from the girls. Character and grit from many areas.
    Good for Sophie Ecclestone, nearly in tears after being smashed for 17 in one over. But then a good comeback with wickets.
    On to Canterbury.


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