NEWS: Indians Top Salary League At ₹50 Lakhs

The BCCI have announced this year’s central contracts for the women’s team, with the top players now earning ₹50 lakhs – the equivalent of about £90,000 per year – considerably more than England and on a par with Australia.

The four “Tier A” players – Mithali, Harmanpreet, Smriti and Poonam Yadav – will take home the top amount of ₹50 lakhs, with players on Tiers B and C taking home ₹30 and ₹10 lakhs respectively. Adjusted for “PPP” – Purchasing Power Parity – a measure of what your money actually buys in your home country, this corresponds to a salary of about £90,000 a year in England.

Top Tier Contracts Salary Salary (GBP by PPP)
India ₹50 Lakhs £90,000
Australia $140,000 £75,000
England £50,000 £50,000

In contrast, the top Australians currently earn around $70,000 per year in basic salary, which they can double via match fees and additional earnings. Although the ECB do not release the numbers for England players, those in the top salary band are understood to earn around £50,000 per year.

This means that the best Indian players are currently the best paid in the world, even before you account for income from advertising and endorsements, with the likes of Smriti now promoting everything from sportswear to contact lenses and skin cream.

This is particularly interesting given the perception that Australia and England are leaps and bounds ahead of the pack in terms of professionalism – though it should be noted that Australia and England both have considerably more than 4 player on top tier contracts.


3 thoughts on “NEWS: Indians Top Salary League At ₹50 Lakhs

  1. Unfortunately that is no great surprise! However, it would be interesting to see the comparisons lower down the cricket “food chain”. Then any financial support to the good old, trusty County players!


  2. Hmmmm… I find the PPP figures interesting. £50,000 is a decent living in the UK, but Rs 500,000 isn’t so much in India (though it is great riches to some). And in exchange rate terms, of course, we know that Rs 500,000 is worth about £5,500 right now: when the Indians tour England they have to be very careful with their money, but the English players can really enjoy their free time in a country like India.


  3. It’s probably better to have more players on reasonable living-wage salaries, than a few on superstar money and the rest getting next to nothing. Having said that, England’s best players should be getting quite a lot more than they are.

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