VODCAST: England in India & Sri Lanka; Plus A New Initiative from Cricket for Girls

Raf & Syd discuss England in India and Sri Lanka; and Raf speaks to Lydia Greenway about a new initiative from Cricket for Girls.

3 thoughts on “VODCAST: England in India & Sri Lanka; Plus A New Initiative from Cricket for Girls

  1. It is great to see the planned input from Lydia and Cricket for Girls into state schools, this will no doubt help their development for future involvement from 16+. However, the bitter sweetness comes to fruition when Raf and Syd went on to discuss the “future”! What avenues will be available for the younger girls who show good potential? Which counties will be in? Which will be out? It was inspiring to hear from Raf that the Eastern Counties will carry on regardless, so hopes for Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and others who may still have some form of senior women’s cricket to aspire to. Sad to see Syd’s resignation to the fact that his beloved Berkshire will be out on a limb. The ECB must be able to arrange a type of Minor County set up for those out of the BIG group. However, let us wait and see! I hope not along the lines of how Brexit is being managed!

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    • Well said Red Rose Renegade! The ECB proposal has been poorly thought through in my opinion. Without a Minor Counties structure, there will be no future for many girls beyond the age of 17. What will happen when some of the established ‘elite’ players reach a point in their careers when they lose their places? They will have nowhere to step back to. Many players, both male and female, don’t reach their full potential until they are in their mid to late 20s. Hopefully, other areas of the country will follow the lead of the Eastern Counties.


  2. England have enjoyed a dominant ODI series against Sri Lanka during which they’ve not been truly tested. The performances have been strong with bat, ball and in the field from England, with Amy Jones consistently giving the side a great start at the top of the innings. Some of the strokeplay has been brilliant. Sri Lanka have been disappointing throughout and one of their few positives has to be the way Madavi has played. Maybe they will feel like they have more of a chance in the iT20s and will attack England a bit. Although it’s a big maybe. I hope England play Davies and Dunkley and that Wilson gets a go with the bat. Shame we can’t see any of it live.


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