NEWS: Kent 15 Points Away From Championship

After their win at Yorkshire yesterday, Kent are now 15 points away from winning the last ever Women’s County Championship at Newton Le Willows CC on Merseyside today, where they meet Lancashire.

After Lancashire lost yesterday to Sussex, Kent’s nearest challengers are now Nottinghamshire on 64 points – Kent have 85* – 21 points clear with two games to play.

Notts could in theory reach 100 points with two “18 pointers” but because Kent have the head-to-head win against Notts in the bag, that means they only need to match them – i.e. Kent need to reach 100 points to take the title with one game left to play.

They can do that today by (a) winning, for 10 points; and (b) taking 5 of the 8 available bonus points.

Here’s a reminder of how bonus points work:


Bowling points are pretty simple – you take wickets; you get points!

Wickets Points
3 1
5 2
7 3
9 4


Batting points are a bit more complicated, because they are calculated on the run rate, rather than the number of runs. To give you an idea, we’ve shown a 50 Over Equivalent score below; but remember if your side are chasing, it is really how quickly they score the runs rather than how many they score.

Run Rate (Per Over) 50 Over Equivalent Points
1.5 75 1
2 100 2
3 150 3
4 200 4

NB – If you are all-out, the run rate is calculated based on the full allocation of overs.

* Play Cricket says 84, but Kent’s batting bonus points from yesterday are wrong – 121 runs / 36 overs = 3.36 RPO = 3 bonus points, not 2! (HT @WomensCricDay for pointing this out!) This is now corrected!