NEWS: ICC Shake Up International Schedule With 6-Team ODI & T20 Champions Cups

An ICC broadcast schedule revealed by Cricinfo suggests that a 6-team “Champions Cup”, alternating between T20 and ODI formats, is set to be introduced from 2023, with the current biennial T20 World Cup scaled back to a four-year cycle.

While the current cycle leaves a “fallow year” every four years where no ICC tournament is played (the last example of this being 2019), the new schedule means a big ICC women’s event every year from 2023.

Although this is good news for the “Big Three” in theory, it will put additional pressure on the multi-format Women’s Ashes, with the Test likely to be in the firing line once again should the schedule be deemed “too crowded” (despite the fact that the men managed to play an Ashes Test series and a World Cup in England last summer).

It is less good news for anyone else, who could find themselves excluded from the 6-team Champions Cups – based on the current ICC Championship standings, West Indies and Sri Lanka would be shut out. Potentially even more worrying for a team like Pakistan is the risk that politics, rather than performances on the field, becomes the key determinant of which countries get to participate, as it has in the men’s game in the past.

Cricinfo reports that although the new schedule has not been formally approved, it is likely to be ratified by the ICC Board later this year, with expressions of interest in hosting these events invited by mid-March.


2 thoughts on “NEWS: ICC Shake Up International Schedule With 6-Team ODI & T20 Champions Cups

  1. Well I think the current schedule needed changing. Especially for T20 World Cups where every 2 years is just too often. The current setup, with the last tournament at the end of 2018 and the next in early 2020, leaves barely a year between championships, which is of course a massive advantage for the incumbent champions. The team will have barely changed whereas normally you would expect a player or two to have retired etc, between tournaments. Plus, Australia have this one in their back yard.

    So as the extra “Champions” Cups are being introduced, does this leave the door open for the normal World Cups to be expanded to more teams?

    Also what are people’s thoughts on the Sri Lanka debacle earlier? It must be pretty worrying for the England camp. Sure, it was only a warm-up, there were the “extra” players involved and Sciver didn’t bat, but to get marmalised like that by a low-ranked team they beat quite recently in both ODI and T20 series – it must hurt. SL are capable of occasional very special performances. They must have played very well. Is it good that England got that performance out of the way now or does it bode poorly for things to come? I would argue it can’t be good, but England must go into the first match in a positive frame of mind.


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