NEWS: 20 Players Awarded Regional Retainers

The ECB have announced the 20 players who have been awarded regional “retainers” ahead of the 40 domestic contracts which will now kick in later in the year.

The recruitment of the 20 players – who will be the first ever domestic female professionals in England, earning £1000 a month – has been driven by the Regional Directors of Women’s Cricket, with selections made on the basis of likelihood of representing England in the near future.

While Kathryn and Sarah Bryce are currently Scotland players, this suggests that either or both might hope to one day follow Kirstie Gordon in qualifying for England. Additionally, Beth Langston, Alex Hartley and Tash Farrant – who all previously represented England – are clearly still in contention for future selection.

The 5 holders of England “Rookie” contracts have also been allocated to regions but will remain on their England contracts until the 40 full-time contracts begin later in the year.

The 25 players allocated to a particular region are as follows:

North East:

  • Hollie Armitage
  • Beth Langston
  • Linsey Smith (EW Rookie)

North West:

  • Georgie Boyce
  • Alex Hartley
  • Emma Lamb (EW Rookie)
  • Ellie Threlkeld

West Midlands:

  • Eve Jones
  • Marie Kelly
  • Issy Wong

East Midlands:

  • Kathryn Bryce
  • Sarah Bryce

South West and Wales:

  • Dani Gibson
  • Sophie Luff
  • Fi Morris

South Central:

  • Georgia Adams
  • Tara Norris
  • Paige Scholfield

London and South East:

  • Alice Davidson-Richards (EW Rookie)
  • Sophia Dunkley (EW Rookie)
  • Tash Farrant
  • Bryony Smith (EW Rookie)

London and East:

  • Amara Carr
  • Naomi Dattani
  • Cordelia Griffith

3 thoughts on “NEWS: 20 Players Awarded Regional Retainers

  1. Apart from Gibson & Wong, how does this encourage 17-19 year olds to stay in Cricket & be Professional Sportswomen without the bank of Mum & Dad ?


    • Even if the bank of Mum & Dad are willing to pay, how do they get access to decent coaches, so that their youngsters can still improve and be on a par with those full-time sportswomen, and it not end up as a self-fulfilling prophecy ???


  2. The East Midlands consists of Nottinghamshire Derbyshire,Leicestershire & Lincolnshire and the only two selected are 2 Scottish National Cricketers, surely there are other contenders as well ?


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