EXCLUSIVE: Police Called To Lord’s During The Hundred Double Header As ECB “Family-Friendly” Claims Come Under Scrutiny

The authorities at Lord’s were forced to call in the police on Sunday evening during the men’s half of the double-header between London Spirit and Southern Brave, due to drunk spectators.

The spectators were ejected from the ground but it is understood that no further action was taken by the police.

The events occurred during a week in which the ECB’s claims that The Hundred is a “family-friendly” tournament have come under increasing scrutiny, with Nick Howson from The Cricketer reporting that he experienced “a deeply unpleasant mood” at Lord’s on Thursday: “Young families cowered into corners out of harm’s way to avoid being caught up among the inebriated hoards parents attempting to shield their children from uncoordinated individuals merely trying to stay afloat.”

The incident involving the police occurred despite the MCC’s decision – after complaints in the wake of the first two Hundred match days hosted at Lord’s – to alter the ground regulations, introducing a cap of two alcoholic drinks per transaction and closing all public bars halfway through the men’s match.

Spectators at Lord’s can also now request to be moved if they feel uncomfortable with where they are seated. However, the measures have clearly not been entirely successful at stamping out the kind of behaviour which is anathema to the ECB’s marketing of The Hundred as “family-friendly”.


One thought on “EXCLUSIVE: Police Called To Lord’s During The Hundred Double Header As ECB “Family-Friendly” Claims Come Under Scrutiny

  1. I think the women’s games have been OK in terms of atmosphere, it can get a bit dodgy later on in the evening though. Hard to say just how much the crowd makeup has differed from normal County based franchises to be honest – maybe a few more families/ kids but not as much as ECB would like I think. Mostly still the same people who went before. The DJ/Live Music thing has gone a bit better than I expected – not completely ignored and some quite good stuff – but still feels a bit strange in this setting as you’ve previously said.


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