NEWS: Alice Capsey & Grace Scrivens Among New Regional Contracts for 2022

Talented teenagers Alice Capsey and Grace Scrivens have been handed new regional contracts for 2022, with the ECB funding an additional contract at each of the 8 regions, plus Northern Diamonds and Thunder funding 3 further contracts themselves, to bring the total number of professional domestic players to 51.

This may go up to 52 once Fran Wilson’s exact situation is finalised, though we may equally see Charlie Dean leave her newly acquired regional contract almost immediately for an England gig.

There have also been a couple of high-profile moves, with Abbey Freeborn moving across the Midlands from Lightning to Sparks, and Marie Kelly going the other way to join Lightning. Up north, Phoebe Graham has also moved from Diamonds to Thunder.

Not entirely unexpectedly, nobody has lost their contract this year, with the additional fully funded contracts allowing regional coaches and directors to bring in new blood without having to have a difficult conversation with someone else.

The full list for 2022 is as below.


  • Emily Arlott
  • Ami Campbell
  • Gwenan Davies
  • Abbey Freeborn
  • Eve Jones
  • Issy Wong


  • Alice Capsey
  • Aylish Cranstone
  • Alice Davidson Richards
  • Danielle Gregory
  • Tash Farrant
  • Bryony Smith


  • Hollie Armitage
  • Jenny Gunn
  • Bess Heath
  • Beth Langston
  • Katie Levick
  • Linsey Smith
  • Sterre Kalis
  • Rachel Slater


  • Kathryn Bryce
  • Sarah Bryce
  • Bethan Ellis
  • Kirstie Gordon
  • Lucy Higham
  • Marie Kelly


  • Georgia Adams
  • Lauren Bell
  • Maia Bouchier
  • Charlie Dean
  • Tara Norris
  • Paige Scholfield


  • Amara Carr
  • Kelly Castle
  • Naomi Dattani
  • Jo Gardner
  • Cordelia Griffith
  • Grace Scrivens


  • Georgie Boyce
  • Alex Hartley
  • Laura Jackson
  • Hannah Jones
  • Emma Lamb
  • Ellie Threlkeld
  • Phoebe Graham


  • Dani Gibson
  • Alex Griffiths
  • Georgia Hennessey
  • Sophie Luff
  • Fi Morris
  • Nat Wraith