The CRICKETher Weekly – Episode 99

This week – a ‘Where did it all go wrong?’ special!

  • Where did it all go wrong for England ‘A’?
  • Where did it all go wrong for England?
  • Where did it all go right for Kate Cross?

One thought on “The CRICKETher Weekly – Episode 99

  1. One of the reasons England A will not beat Australia A at the moment is that not enough youngsters are picked up and given the opportunity to train as full time athletes.There were about 22 female cricketers (now aged 21 or under) that were named in the Hundred last year, only 12 actually got to bat or bowl (3 more just fielded). Only 6 now have ECB funded domestic contracts (+1 funded by Northern Diamonds), how do we expect to win when we are not giving chances/high quality coaching to more youngsters ? We seem to be happy to wait until they are mid/late 20’s to then offer the extra training…..too late ! Whereas in Australia, youngsters are picked up from the age of 18, are given contracts to play and train as full time athletes. So by the time they break into Australia A or even the main Australian squad they have been training/performing in that environment for many years.
    So where is our future prospects for the next generation coming from ?


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